The day that never was.

by Katie on February 19, 2010

So why am I here, sitting in a (cold) living room in West London, musing on a blog when I should be gallavanting and hobbling in heels at London Fashion Week in Somerset House? Because, my dear friends, the gas repair man failed to show. Yes, that’s right! Like the Spring sunshine in London, a hot new, well paid fashion marketing role and higher interest rates, he failed to show and my life, for the immediacy, is temporarily on hold. You don’t have to be Catholic to hate Limbo.

OK, so what has Katie- Karen been up to in the last 24 hours? On a more positive note, despite the deluge of rain, I high tailed it over to the wonderful space that used to be the Museum of Mankind at Haunch of Vension (owned by Christies) where the most incredible and inspiring artwork is currently being shown. Entering Haunch of Venison you are immediately over awed at the grandiose architecture, space and light; a huge space with room to breathe in this over crowded City allows for the soul to be calmed and the mind to expand and be challenged. Breathtaking works by Chiharu Shiota (One Place) and Jitish Kallat (The Astronomy of Subway) centred on the experience of the individual.

The art crowd were a suitable mix of highbrow and student but the wine was too bitter for KC and her crew so we moved on to another art launch, this time at the Reading Room in Frith Street where Miss Kiki Salon Presents showed ‘Six Easy Pieces’, vivacious, vibrant works centring on art in textile design and showcasing exciting London talent. The Hendricks Gin cocktails flowed freely and the scary DJ ramped up the 80’s disco vibe of Joyce Sims and Jocelyn Brown. People naturally enjoyed the event but probably best to view art when you can actually see and appreciate it and don’t have to elbow through bewigged campsters and multi-layered Hoxtonites leaning against the artwork.

That left only the last stop of the night, Dick’s bar in the basement of El Camino in Brewer Street – a rare groove find. Margueritas a go go till the night bus home. The glamma.

And that my dears is Chutzpah.
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RedlegsinSoho February 19, 2010 at 4:32 pm

Ah those cold busting margaritas at Dicks! Welcome to the bloggerati. I’m stalking you already xxxx


Miss Kiki Salon February 20, 2010 at 10:35 am

Love it! Thank you so much! xx


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