Graduate Fashion Week 2010 – The Awards

by Katie on June 9, 2010

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As endings go, it was long and protracted. The organisers should think about cutting down that award ceremony for sure. Sitting through reams of awards before we get to ‘the best bits’ is a bit sneaky and isn’t sure to hold the audience’s attention. If your regular fashion journos had been there, as the Kaiser Chiefs once said, “I predict a riot.” Even presenter Caryn Franklin made a quip at the end about it being over long.

Awards included, pre catwalk show (and this is just a mere selection):-

Jon Adam Fashion Portfolio Award – Ellie Mountford of Arts University College, Bournemouth
First Word Journalism Award – Ellen Devall from Colchester School of Art
Textiles Award – Nathalie Murray from Northumbria University
Stand Design award (chosen by Harvey Nichols) – Arts University College, Bournemouth
Mulberry Accessories Award – Kitty Keay from Colchester School of Art

Apart from inspiring and varied womenswear from all colleges and universities including some from Russia, The Netherlands, Germany and Singapore, we had the usual bog standard, stompy catwalk male models modelling the usual bog standard layers of dark jersey and glowering scowls, biker jackets come sportwear come ski wear and the one standout menswear collection (and hallelujah, it won the Menwsear Category), Thomas Crisp’s (Ravensbourne), modern Indie take on tailoring and street wear, Rock star influenced suits which clashed jersey and wool, with cowboy neckerchiefs and loads of attitude: Marc Ronson could rock this look (pictured above).

The Amsterdam Institute’s Roya Hesam showed a beautiful collection of muted shade, gossamer, silk georgette A black georgette all in one with black raised piping was stand out as was the easy, 2 ply, loose pants paired with diaphanous waistcoat which floated down the catwalk. A sophisticated collection that brought the judges’ praise as it deservedly won the International Award.
Ludmila Maida’s (from Northumbria University) collection of vivid prints on swirling bright silk flowed along the catwalk, hippy chic and perfect for exotic holidays or the ebb and flow of city life in Notting or Primrose Hill. This is a collection to be noted. As Bohemian, colourful and daring as the people who will wear it. Temperley eat your heart out as this Boho look has a touch of Viv Westwood added and Ludmila’s got it all going on.
Anna Lee’s (from De Montford University) collection was stunning and won the Zandra Rhodes Catwalk Textiles Award. Straight from the 70’s in inspiration, bright jewel kaleidescope colours swirled and merged on leggings, velvet flowing draped skirts, trousers and dresses. Chinese dragon designs breathed fire and energy and blazed with talent. This was straight out of Biba but with all of excitement and forward thinking of a modern 2010 life added. Brilliant.
Rhea Fields’s (from Northbrook College, Sussex) sharp collection of camel, sparkle tinged separates was reminiscent of Viktor & Rolf in its execution (but without the zaniness) and was chosen as the overall Womenswear Winner. It was described by Lorraine Candy, Editor in Chief of Elle as ‘skilled and accomplished’. It was a bit too ‘safe’ and Milan like for my liking but no doubt, this is a girl heading for an international career in an international design house.
Ledina Zhang’s (from Northumbria Trent University) multicoloured knit collection, all snoods, hoods and drapes was a nod in the direction of PX and Body Map but was fun…something there wasn’t a lot of overall in the final show (pictured above). Ledina won BHM Knitwear Visionary Knitwear Award (from a strong grouping where I favoured Samantha Brooke’s accomplished black, white and grey collection – all crocheted sleeves and delicate touches with trailing strands on sleeves . Really beautiful.

Winner of the coveted River Island Gold Award (and winning £20, 000, cue Bruce Forsyth ‘Play Your Cards Right’ woooah!) was Rebecca Thomson from Manchester University School of Art. Rebecca’s collection of white ruffled, dream like separates showed skill, vision, creativity and talent and was a deserving winner (pictured above). Large neckties added a femininity and a focus whilst not distracting from the beauty of the pieces.

River Island should be applauded for sponsoring such high calibre talent and being the main sponsor of Graduate Fashion Week. As one of the leading, edgy, high street brands, always with something new and exciting in store, its no wonder that they have employed (full time) over 30 students, poached from Graduate Fashion Week, over the last few years.

Thank you River Island for retaining British Talent in Britain. We salute you. Long may it continue.

What did you think of the awards? Please leave a comment below or write a reply in the shout mix box opposite.
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Rivkie June 9, 2010 at 11:18 pm

Your are tooooo fast!!!! I was busy getting down to salt and pepper and drinking!


Anonymous June 10, 2010 at 5:41 pm

I favored Samantha Brooke’s collection too!

Absolutely amazing!


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