Re-vamped Parisienne – A step too far?

by Katie on June 20, 2010

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I can see what YSL are trying to do with this one but straight up front, I’ll deign it’s not for me. But then again, it isn’t aimed at me.

The reworked Parisienne is a younger, more emphatic berry laden, zestful spritz of Mlle Parisienne’s heady lifestyle, aimed firmly at the 18-35 year olds who are too old or sophisticated in their approach for YSL’s Elle but too young for the ageing sophistication and broodiness of Opium, Y and Rive Gauche. What is new, says the release, is “… a mineral accord, inspired by the early hours of the day when the still-wet paving stones shine under the rising sun; dewy notes enhanced by metallic aldehydes: fresh, explosive, sparkling!”.

Yes, sparkly light bubbles of fragrance from the berries and damask rose are tinged with a metallic aldehydic hue that dries down to a soft suedey almost musky warmth but I think this fragrance may be trying to be too many things at once – fruity (cranberry), floral (lily of the valley), fresh (violet leaf); aldehydic metallic….the mix is feminine and daring for sure but pales in comparison to the lasting elegance and eloquence of Paris which is still a favourite more than 25 years after its launch, also created by Sophie Grojsman who co-created Parisienne with parfumeur, Sophie Labbe. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t warmed to Parisienne, loving the resolute distinctiveness, strength and sensuality of classics such as Paris and Opium as I do. Yet again, they were launched when I was barely an adolescent and in my late teens so Parisienne may yet be a classic to the ‘now’ generation who like to play in the bars and restaurants of 21st Century Paris.

Saying that, it’s young, zippy and terribly sweet like pale pink bubbly Cava and if you’re in your early 20’s you’ll probably love it. However, the early morning Paris of the romantic and captivating young woman imagined in Parisienne is rather a different take on my many experiences in and around Le Marais of poor drainage, Gitanes and the drifting smell of Segafredo coffee from early morning cafes on Rue Montorgeuil. Like a revamped Cafe Costes or a swish Marais district with jazzed up designer stores and frosty assistants, Parisienne still held dear to it’s Parisienne principles but it was of a new age that I don’t recognise.

YSL’s re-worked Parisienne is available on counters from 26th June 2010 priced at £43.00 for 50ml and £59.00 for 90ml.
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RedlegsinSoho June 21, 2010 at 9:34 am

Hmmm, is it just me but is spritzy freshness becoming a bit stale? Even when young I liked my perfumes ‘old’.
Keep the reviews coming! x


Cherie City June 21, 2010 at 11:38 am

Hmm, I like fresh perfumes that are based on rose, but is Parisienne a bit sickly sweet?
I’m interested to see if it’s an improvement on the last version of Parisienne.


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