Calvin Klein launches ‘Beauty’.

by Katie on July 27, 2010

There’s an overriding big white floral burst of femininity and cleanliness to Calvin Klein’s new ‘Beauty’. If there were such a thing as surround sound perfume, this would be it. It envelops you from the minute you apply. And, it grows and grows, like someone very faintly and cleverly turning up the volume so that you don’t notice. Waves of jasmine roll back and forth reverberating with softness while the ambrette seeds top note maximises the base that is the heady warmth with a cedarwood tinge to the dry down.

First off, I have to say the name is possibly the least inspired by Monsieur Klein in a long time and I was expecting more of a punchy appeal. Saying that, wearing the fragrance and (it’s not often I can say this) being complemented on it, brought me round though the name is still a bit twee. You mumble it’s name as opposed to shouting it loud and proud, following it up with a gaspy, “It’s the new one by Calvin Klein that’s yet to be released,” to add to its gravitas.

We know his fondness for one word perfume names with a powerful kick and can immediately recall the scent of each by merely repeating the names; Obsession, Eternity, Escape, Euphoria. That’s quite a skill of the perfumers and marketers involved and possibly only rivalled by YSL’s ability to capture the essence of a word or feeling in a mass market, luxury fragrance brand.

What is quite brilliant about Klein’s fragrance roster is that he manages to encapsulate the very being and splendour of the word that typifies his fragrance quite like no other. To this end, ‘Beauty’ is true to life; A big, modern, clean, warm floral that shakes the room and makes an entrance.

Of its background, perfumer Sophie Labbe took an ‘emotional brief’ of the Calvin Klein Beauty Woman (one who is both “authentic and true; she is accomplished and inspiring”) and turned to the faint scent of one of Klein’s favourite flowers, the Calla Lily. Known for its beauty and simplicity, the Calla Lily famously has little or no fragrance, so Ms Labbe developed a composition which she terms the ‘neo-lily’. This is meant to convey a striking new interpretation: “A sophisticated flower that is the essence of femininity, the lily is also radiant and powerful.”

In truly typical Calvin Klein ad speak, the Calvin Klein Beauty woman is described, “At once feminine and strong, she shapes her destiny with a charismatic allure and determined strength. Her true beauty lies within.” It also helps if you look like the ‘face of the campaign’ model turned actress Diane Kruger, especially if photographed by iconic fashion photographer, Craig McDean. But that’s why I love Calvin Klein. Chic simplicity and stunning fashion photography all rolled into one.

Undeniably beautiful though Ms Kruger is, let us not forget the real star of the show – the scent. I like this blousy warm floral fragrance. A lot. I’m wearing it now. If you ask me about it and I mumble quickly, you’ll know it’s the new one by the inimitable Mr Klein. Nice fragrance, shame about the name.

Available nationwide from 25th August 2010, Calvin Klein’s Beauty is available in eau de parfum sprays from £34-£62 and in a luminous bath & shower creme (£23) and a luminous skin lotion (£28)

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Nooberella July 27, 2010 at 12:42 pm

fab post, I love Calvin Klein. ‘Truth’ was my signature scent for a long time, and recently on holiday I picked up the classic Eternity and have been wearing it ever since. When you’re wearing Calvin Klein, everyone in the street knows it! Really want to try this x


Florence July 27, 2010 at 1:15 pm

I love Clavin Klein’s perfumes. My mum has worn Escape for as long as I can remember, and when they stopped production, we had to race around trying to buy as many bottles of it as possible. Whenever I catch a whiff of it, I think of her.


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