Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on July 30, 2010

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.


Pantene Light Great idea. Great shampoo and conditioner.

Selfridges shoe galleries The biggest shoe area in the world. Fancy that! Well, I do actually. Very much as it happens. See my shoe story live at

The Rogano Restaurant,Glasgow ( As elegant and stylish since the day it opened 75 years ago, the Rogano is a mecca for all Glasgow souls past present and future. Built at the same time as (and some say modelled on) the Queen Mary cruise liner, it holds a special place in our hearts at it harks back to our great ship building and Art Deco heritage. Every celeb who visits ‘ the dear green place’ goes there. Like a super stylish magnet, it draws you back. Go visit.

Overweight dogs Aww. Leave our fat pooches alone.

Mac Cosmetics agree to donate ALL profits from the Rodarte line to the newly formed “Women and Girls of Juarez Initiative . Victory to the beauty bloggers and journos. Well done everyone and well done MAC. See this piece for background


‘This is me wearing…’ blogs Yes, I see you have a new outfit etc and it’s very fetching but really, that’s that’s why I buy fash mags.

Olympics London coverage Again. And again. Constantly. We still have 2 years to go. They’re not going to leave us alone are they? *clies*

Anna de la Russo’s fragrance, ‘Beyond’ This extremely stylish lady (Creative consultant of Vogue Japan) and a true fashion icon who I admire and follow has created a fragrance. I haven’t smelled it yet but I see it’s contained in a glass, golden shoe bottle very similar to those sold by Denny & Dazzle pre the Mary Queen of Shops makeover. Sorry, but how do you say ‘naff’ in Italian?

Cosmo Blog Awards Quelle dissapointment. This is fast turning into a bit of a farce. No clear focus, badly thought through and Cosmo are even ‘suggesting’ which (big) blogs to vote for on their site. Hmmm. Cue lots of disappointed and unhappy bloggers. What started as a project to get bloggers on board has ended with alienating so many. See this brilliant piece.


Jacques TownHouse ( Now normally I’m a vintage whore and a sucker for all concepts like this glam pop up town house in Fitzroy Square, W1 but I‘m dubious…. A vintage girly fantasy it may well be with dressing up, vintage patisseries and future gazing. However, just call me Sherlock but I’m *sure* that it’s very similar to the beautifully themed TART events at 40 winks held by the delectable Miss Vintage Secret. Miss this 10 day pop up townhouse and you can always catch details of the real deal at

Do you agree with my likes/dislikes? Please leave a comment in the box below or start a conversation in the ‘shout mix comment box’ on the right. Thanks.

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Cherie City July 31, 2010 at 11:23 am

I thought ADR’s fragrance was a joke, is it happening for real? I love her, but it really is grotesque!

Cosmo blog awards have been a disappointment and I still don’t understand the purpose or system behind them.


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