Carolina Herrera launches "212 VIP" and asks Are You on The List?

by Katie on August 31, 2010

Carolina Herrera’s name is synonymous with New York luxe. 

The ladies who lunch and who frequent the Upper East Side know a thing or two about luxury and Carolina has wooed them since 1980, delivering on sable, cashmere, swanky wide pants and the Herrera puffed up volume sleeve so becoming to older women whether on shirts, day or evening dresses. 

She’s a safe, elegant, refined bet is Carolina.  In the past few seasons, Ms Herrera has ventured into a more artsy take on fashion with bold brush strokes of colour and clashing fabrics. Those lunching ladies must be on tenterhooks. Still, this season (A/W 10) a whole bunch of rich, soft, daywear takes centre stage alongside red carpet or, more elegantly, charity season ball evening dresses that reek of sophistication and class.  There’s a few ultra thin women breathing a collective sigh of relief already, methinks.

In attempting to move the brand forward but still retaining a doze of New York City pzazz, Caroline Herrera is introducing a whole new mood for the brand via her new fragrance launch, 212 VIP – Are you on the list? (I know it’s a mouthful). It seems to be a encapsulative gesture to woo the young, hip, New York movas and shakas who are more likely to play and party downtown in the hip hotel bars of SoHo and who are more attuned to Marc Jacobs and Zac Posen.  You go for it, Carolina.  Fortune favours the brave.

This new big, bold , gold phallic fragrance glares at you asking “212 VIP -Are You On The List?”. It reeks of NYC’s SoHo and Meatpacking districts’ where door whores on clubs, restaurants and bars hold court and where the cool, arty, ‘in’ types congregate with some escapee Upper East Side socialites and Hollywood stars.  The fact that the fragrance captures the verve and dynamism of the city that never sleeps has to be applauded.

Then there’s the mutha of a statement bottle that holds it. It weighs a ton. Small demure, sparkly, Judith Leiber clutches are out.  This needs a hefty Marc Jacobs or Fendi tote to carry this haul and to fit the bill.  A large, shiny, gold bullet has ‘212 VIP’ stamped on the bottle and a more fitting, demure Carolina Herrera in gold hidden typeface.

The fragrance bursts with life and vitality and certainly has upstart attitude.  Herrera was inspired by “New York’s most creative people, the real VIPs.  The young talents who are writing the future history of the city…” Yada, yada.  You get the drift?

A fresh burst of rum and passion fruit blends with heady musky gardenia floral with a softer, more charming, vanilla and tonka bean base.  That’s quite a mix of opposites.  Like the melting pot of NYC itself.

This fragrance is straight off the NY red eye flight into Heathrow and is already ready and willing to party in London.  Who are we to object?  Whether wearing it makes you part of the cool set is up to you.

Carolina Herrera’s A/W ’10 catwalk pics kindly supplied by

Caroline Herrera’s “212 VIP – Are You On The List” is on counter from 22nd September 2010.
30ml EDP is £31 and 50ml EDP is £43.50.  A body lotion and bath and shower gel accompany the range.

The CH Carolina Herrera store is situated on 120 Mount Street, London W1K 3NN

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Anonymous September 23, 2010 at 5:43 am

As an American expat (from NYC) who currently lives in London and just bought this fragrance. I can absolutely say it’s ready to party in London!

It’s been a hit so far 🙂


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