Gucci: Guilty as charged.

by Katie on August 15, 2010

Gucci’s triumph of marketing rides again with the launch of Gucci Guilty and its fronting of the sultry, sexy campaign featuring Marilyn Manson’s squeeze, Evan Rachel Wood. And boy, is she seen in a new light.

Golden tan, sleek and reeking of super model fabulousness, she appears to be the very antithesis of all things pale, classic and Dita von T. Evan’s upfront sexual prowess is guilty as charged, appealing directly to the target market of daring, sexually liberated WAGabees who will no doubt go gaga over Guilty. It’s just a pity the fragrance is not as dynamically va-va-voom.

Oh, yes, its a pleasant oriental floral, ultra modern and looks terribly chunky chic in it’s gold square ‘look at me’ casing with the branded interlocking G, see through logo but what of it’s depth, it’s character and its lingering effect?

It appears Gulity is directly influenced by it’s target demographic: Stand out from the crowd, looks great, bold in its delivery but actually not having ‘that’ much substance or staying power is how I’d describe it. Pleasantly rounded and sharply sweet notes of mandarin, pink pepper, peach, lilac and geranium blend through to the very now base of choice, amber and patchoulli. It’s young sexy not mature sexy so this is a lifestyle choice of fragrance, more defined by brand and advertising than carrying character.

Seek it out if you’re a party girl. Moi? I prefer more poise.

Available at The Perfume Shop stores from 25th August 2010, Gucci Guilty can be purchased in a 30ml, 50ml and 75ml EDT, priced at £34.50, £46.50 and £59.50 respectively.

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