Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on September 3, 2010

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.


Givenchy’s couture elegance is unquestionable and the newest ‘must have’ especially for “us vintage types” is this elegant chest-like box covered in crocodile skin with the signature of Monsieur de Givenchy stamped on its mirror. A precious weathered rose powder is sensually perfumed with Flower Water. This veil of ‘silk organza’ powder for the face and neckline is steeped in dreamy bygone days glamour. LE PRISME COLLECTOR Limited Edition. Sparkling Powder:Face & Décolleté. RRP: £37.00 from October 2010.

The new term FLOGGERS (as used by the delectable )  Being a ‘blogger’ is so ‘uugh’ and Flogger just about sums   it up .  (ie That’s Fashion Blogger to you and me).

Levis New Curve ID Jeans Levis are right back on form and I’m so pleased to say I’m wearing them again. The new Curve ID jeans make everyone look hot and there was a virtual frenzy of excitement amongst the normal jaded and bored looking, hip, floggers on the launch morning who tend to think they’ve seen it all done it all. Well, we hadn’t. These jeans fit and make every girl look great. Launched in the UK this week, you have the option depending on your shape (not your size) of bold, slight curve or demi curve. The fast and efficient Levis team measure you, fit you and then, just like that, you are transformed into hotness. Go seek. What are you waiting for? (I’m a demi-curve, btw).  The campaign’s photographed by Peter Lindbergh. This is BIG news.

The Tree of Temptation on Ultimate Big Brother How often do you want to be tempted into bad behaviour by a wooden chest of drawers which was once the Tree of Temptation?

‘Auntie Mame’ by Patrick Dennis Just sheer brilliance. First published in 1958, it’s described as ‘an irreverent escapade’. If you like Ludwig Bemelmans or E F Benson, you’re going to love this. Published by Penguin.

Lanvin to collaborate with H and M  This is REALLY big, big news. Fashion folk everywhere are in a state of uncontrolled hysteria at this snippet. I mean…it’s LANVIN forallthatsholyinheaven! If you don’t know the reverence that Albert Elbaz and Lanvin holds in the fashion fraternity then ‘hello, nice to meet you’ but what are you actually doing here? To further elaborate, when I have worn my Lanvin shoes all of twice (at a price of £347.50 a wear – bargain) strange women have pointed and yelled ‘Lanvin’ and insisted I remove them for a further look and feel. THAT’S the power of Lanvin. Just lush. I’d start queuing outside Hennes. Launches November.


Makosi on Ultimate Big Brother Ugh! Whereas I say tawdry others would yell skank. Either would be correct.

Bad capes As opposed to Reiss’ lush camel cape currently in their window, there are an awful lot of cheap numbers out there.  Buyers beware.


Whether William Hague’s gay straight or indifferent.

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