Miss Pucci fragrance launches

by Katie on September 28, 2010

Peter Dundas designed a storming S/S ’11 collection for Pucci during this week’s Milan catwalk shows. 

Flouncy, feminine, long, flowing and pretty, the collection was less original Pucci and more full on pretty but perhaps this is where the house needs to go to ramp up it’s star rating for today’s little Miss Pucci.  Kylie Minogue and Jada Pinkett-Smith were front row celebs and that can’t be bad for starters.

Long, flowing, ramped up, ‘Stevie Nicks’ type frilled dresses were shown alongside clingy jersey t-shirt versions in archetypal Pucci print.  Low slung tight white hipsters were paired with skin tight sheer shirts, laced up the front and worn with tight jackets.  Pucci got the award for best thigh high boots of the season from La Chutzpah.  Oh, to own a pair.

The reason I discuss Pucci’s new direction is to bring to light their new fragrance release for Autumn, Miss Pucci.  Pucci’s always been about colour and swirl and the fragrance is no different as it smells bright pink and rose fresh, a little like showering in pink light with droplets of rosebuds and orange blossom.  It’s light, zingy, fresh and young.  Not too young, a playful Mid-’20’s Miss rather than a tweenager.  There are hints of purple in this riot of colour in a bottle as kaleidoscopic, coloured glass shards spring to mind.  This fragrance is the equivalent  of wearing a famed Pucci shirt.

The fragrance dries down to a warmer white musk but still tends to ‘sting’ the nose slightly with its sharpness.  This says Summer lightness all over so I am surprised it’s an Autumn launch.  Probably, to take its place in the lucrative Christmas market and ratings. 

Miss Pucci hops, skips and jumps like a frivolous Miss playing (fragrance) hopscotch.  The freshness and light shine through but while undoubtedly pretty, it’s not dramatically different enough for me to make me leap and bound.  The fragrance wants to be worn in sunshine hot climes by Euro girls with tans and haute hippe style.  Pale skins beware of this cooler than cool fragrance.

The Pucci bottle is beautiful designed (by Orla Ito) and ultimately relays the essence of colourful enigmatic Pucci.  This is to be stared at and admired.  It’s a pity that the fragrance itself isn’t as ‘look at me’.

Catwalk pic – Pucci S/S ’11 pic appears by kind courtesy of www.style.com

Miss Pucci launched in August 2010 and is exclusively available in Harrods, Space NK and Harvey Nichols.  Miss Pucci is priced at £37 (30ml), £52 (50ml) and £63 (75ml).

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