Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on January 30, 2011

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.


YSL’s Spring ’11 make-up collection  It’s fffffreezing but we can look forward to Spring and things hotting up with this brights collection from YSL.  Chic packaging is de rigeur at YSL but they have excelled themselves in the limited edition, bold YSL printed, palette pink, satin smooth highlighter (£36), the snap together YSL ‘Rouge Pur’ lipstick (Fuchsia Innocent, no 27 at £22.50) and the cutest, duo, mini nail polishes (no 5, in teal and coffee at £24.50).  Go brighten up.  Available now from YSL counters nationwide.

‘Nurse Jackie’ (BBC2)  She’s back; Our favourite drug addicted, affair having, ‘cheat the system to help ordinary people’ , wise cracking nurse who straddles the line of breakdown and survival every week.  Makes Casualty look neolithic.

Marc Jacobs Lola (or Daisy) re-fillable purse spray and make-up case  Lola’s burst of fresh, fruity, pink peppercorn tinged, come-hither is appealing like a raunchy flash of silk knicker or a lipstick smear on a cheek. This now comes in a handy, cutesy purse spray in vibrant purple and red, Marc Jacobs Lola EDT 20ml Purse Spray, 20ml Refill and purse is priced at £41.50.  Available from

Waitrose Seriously Creamy ice cream  With flavours that trip off the tongue like Rhubarb Crumble, White Chocolate, Raspberry Pavlova , Columbian Coffee and Mala Coconut and Lime…God, these are good.  They trounce Haagan Daz hands down.

The anticipation of A/W ’11 womenswear catwalk shows.  Yes, yes, I know it’s ridiculous but it’s the norm for fashion folk to live six months ahead.  We’re on Christmas before you’ve said July.

Diamonds  It’s not often that you can rock up to a store in Burlington Arcade and liberally try on diamond and sapphire earrings, rings and tiaras (eg. £22,000) just for the heck of it.  Beautiful 19th and early 20th Century pieces are strewn alongside awesome reproductions (at a snip of the price £6,500 for chandelier earrings).  If suddenly catapulted to another world of ‘the rich’ instead of ‘the surviving’, I’d head to Susannah Lovis, Burlington Arcade, W1.

Side Cleavage  A flash of Hollywood A lister boob in a carefully cut top or designer evening dress is so much more preferable to the ‘park a wheel’ cleavage of a glut of UK super- enhanced Soap stars.  Even more great that that Ultimo have a bra for just this, so one isn’t ‘hanging loose’.  Priced £25 and available from Debenhams or from the Ultimo website  


Pushy PRs  Juniors ,no doubt, who need training but it still irks to have the date of your post and the link, literally, demanded just as soon as you’ve received the press information.

Li and Fung closing down Cerruti womenswear to concentrate on men’s (now designed by Blaak).  This is a travesty.  Richard Nicoll’s clean lines and sophistication was spot-on for this market and brand. (See left courtesy of

Asda ads  OK girls, admitedly times are bleak but do you really grab three of your friends and head off to Asda for an alternative suburban housewives version of ‘Sex in The City’, trawling the aisles of Asda then comparing your shopping lists on their website for a cheaper deal?  No?  Thought not.

Email bouncebacks  Constantly. (Yes folks, it’s show-time).  Cleu.  Empty your in-boxes.


For Marks and Spencer’s ‘Dine in for Two for £10’.  Gone off this.  Always the same selection.  The scenario is, buy for two, eat for one, feel guilty, waste loads.

Agree or Disagree with items appearing in this week’s Chutzpah Barometer? Please leave a comment in the box below.

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Becky-May January 30, 2011 at 10:45 pm

Hello, my brother James pointed your blog in my direction. I really enjoyed reading this post! I’ll be checking your blog from now on 🙂

The Flower Girl



RedlegsinSoho January 31, 2011 at 11:40 am

Love lola, love the make up and with you entirely on that Asda ad, I actually moaned about what they were wearing to someone too…does the ordinary British woman really look that drab!
But side boob cleavage bra…words fail me!!


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