Scream Gallery shows an alternate reality – States of Reverie

by Katie on January 28, 2011

Scream Gallery’s known for its hip, celebrity filled, private views and, of course, for its choice selection of modern art and exhibitors that always provoke and cause you to go a little awe struck rather than star struck. 

Last Thursday’s private view of ‘States of Reverie’ was no different as works by Clare Chapman, Ann-Marie James, Guillermo De Zamacona, Malgosia Stepnik, Chinwook Kim. Wayne Chisnall and LG white were shown, all of whom are young and emerging British and international artists who have a common desire to explore and create alternate realities.  With inspiration drawn from fairy tales, surrealism, nature, the human body and childhood, the variety was rich, evocative and texture filled.

Wayne Chisnall’s sculptural work concentrates on re-found objects.  At this show, ‘Magnet ‘is a sculpture that synthesises colourful pop art with the macabre melding of bright children’s toys and games.  Like a memory lump from the past, melting into one, ‘Magnet’ fuses childhood anxieties with dreams. They’re in every one of us.  (Shown left)

Chinwook Kim’s work (shown above) stunned with detailed surreal swirls, like 21st Century Bloomsbury group meets Beatles pop art montage.  ‘Inside and Outside of Landscape’ he applied Chinese ink to paper to create a synergy of organic and human form in a surreal re-imagining of nature.

Malgosia Stepnik’s bright ethereal imagery evokes kaleidoscopic visions of prettiness with under the microscope detail of living spores.  Are they real, are they just shapes?  All illuminated by LED frames to highlight and contrast their delicate nature.  This works.  (Shown right)

Running until until 20th February at Scream Gallery, 34 Bruton Street, W1, it’s well worth a visit.  Even if JoWood, Sean Pertwee and the usual paparazzi et al won’t be in attendance.

Pics shown courtesy of Scream Gallery.  Copyright the artist.
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