Tory Burch store opens in New Bond Street.

by Katie on January 25, 2011

Tory Burch’s new store launch on New Bond Street was all that is expected of the lady. 

Discreet, chic and understated.  New York banker types (NB.  not a euphemism) mixed with journos (obviously not invited to the couture shows in Paris), the well heeled and well, the heeled but witty, considering the timing, clinked glasses.  Jacquetta Wheeler was the night’s archetypal Tory girl.

Tory’s well known mix of chic leather accessories, gilt edged New York understated mode and strict lines worked.  As did the bright lime carpet and mirrored walls of all that it Tory Burch at this swish two level, New Bond Street store. 

Thin and the even thinner (in black) turned up and made my ego slink, despite my recent drop in size to an 8.  Probably humongous in the USA.

Two floors hold a  glut of gilt edged Toryism and sleek line’sm, all of which I loved.  I felt transposed to SoHo, New York instead of my beloved but grotty Soho (ok Mayfair bordering on Soho), London. 

Well, we still have the  best underground bars to wear our Tory clothes.   Long live London.

See Tory Burch at 149 New Bond Street, London, W1
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