Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on February 11, 2011

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.


The music schedule at London Fashion Week  As excited about the Deconstruction Records DJ sets as we are about the shows.

Oyster Hour at Quo Vadis Oysters and a glass of fizz for £10.  5.30-6.30pm Mon-Fri. We love cheap indulgences. 

Rouge Coco Shine Chanel’s latest lipsticks, released on 11th March, has Vanessa Paradis as it’s face of the launch.  Made in a semi sheer feather light formulation, Rouge Coco Shine has 25 shades to choose from, each costing £22.50.  Small and cute and promising 8 hours of hydration. 

Michelle Obama  Slated for wearing McQueen but lauded for her equally un-American $35 Hennes frock?  “Wear what you love”.  We couldn’t put it any better ourselves, dahling.  And just where is her invitation to April’s Royal Media Show?

Channel 5’s rumoured ‘Big Brother’ revival   Like it or hate it, this programme practically invented the Water Cooler Moment.  We cried when Celeb Big Brother was canned.  Entertain and ment.

Debenhams Edition Collection  Karen Peacock, Debenhams’ Design Director has successfully tried to steer the brand towards featuring the more edgy branch of commercialism which includes a sharp, sophisticated collection from Jonathan Saunders (pictured right) as well as ranges from Preen and Jonathan Kelsey.  Worth checking out at the pop-up shop in Soho’s Newburgh Street (currently) or when it launches nationwide in Debenhams on Monday, 14th February.  Plus, a Chutzpah favourite, Roksanda Ilincic will be joining the trio with her own Edition collection come Autumn 2011.  Changes ahoy at Debenhams.

Gok’s Belt Solutions  A belt synched around the waist can transform *finger click* everything.  *sends belt envoy to Egypt*

The as-predicted (by us) ‘Garra Rufa fish on dead skin’ like Gaga feeding frenzy  We quite liked the record (but then, we liked ‘Express Yourself’ by Madonna) until we heard it again, and again, and again.  And again.  In just one morning.

Trunk shows  Tom Ford can get away with intimate presentations.  Some of the designers scaling down, frankly, need all the exposure they can get.  Thoughts?

Vivienne Westwood’s “People who wear impressive clothes lead better lives,” quote at NYFW.  Go tell that to the Dalai Lama.  Yet again proves despite how brilliant she is, our Queen Viv tends to open her dilettante mouth and speak a load of old tosh at times. 

Social Mediaphobia  Hmm.  Is somebody scared that we can do it better?

The Kardashian family   Please go away.  Why are we still tolerating these untalented fame vampires?

Ralph Lauren’s luxury denim line  Austerity measures mean that we’re filing this under rather ‘tacky’ and ‘pointless’

Re Who Wears What at The Brits  Let’s face it, the celebs are there for the stylists who wanna’ be rocks stars and their ego trips.


Valentines Day  Bitter?  Us?  Nevah.

This week’s Barometer was compiled jointly by Katie Chutzpah (@KatieChutzpah) and Lee Clatworthy (@TEAMCHUTZPAH).  Let us know if you agree/disagree with our thoughts.

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POPTUCKSHOP February 14, 2011 at 9:48 pm

Totally agree about the Kardashians, i still dont even get who they are, apart from spoilt brats as demonstrated by the ridiculous ad about their show! Heard Born This Way and had to turn it off half way through. What is with all the hype about a rubbish song which probably took 5 minutes to write and 6 months of promotion to be released??! Now i sound like some ranting grumpy old loser, but you’ve got to admit its true! At least the Tom Ford womenswear presentation was amazing, I’m about to go and put it in the side of my blog!!


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