Honesty and Authenticity at Prophetik dips into History for inspiration

by Katie on February 19, 2011

Prophetik, launched by designer Jeff Garner in 2002, is a label which prides itself on its ethical and sustainable ethos. Designers such as Garner, Ada Zandition, and Christopher Raeburn have helped eco-friendly brands shake off their nettle-dyed hemp hopsack reputation, and Prophetik has managed to amass an enviable list of celebrity clients, including Sheryl Crow, Taylor Swift, Kings of Leon, and Livia (wife of Oscar nominee Colin) Firth.

Fans of Firth’s ethereal cactus silk gown may be left disappointed by Prophetik’s Autumn/Winter collection, a selection of garments seemingly more suited to a theatrical costumiers than the Golden Globes red carpet, but the clue – as they say – is in the name.

Garner is taking us back to the future, taking styles from the 18th century court of Louis XV and using archaic dyeing and production techniques to challenge the current obsession with “Fast Fashion” and the inbuilt obsolescence associated with everyday design.

Showcased as part of an overblown performance-based presentation, Prophetik’s clothes have an authenticity and honesty which transcend the modern vagaries of fashion, favouring craftsmanship over the homogeny of the mass market.

Article researched and written by Lee Clatworthy for Katie Chutzpah.
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