Wrangler’s latest Stunt bristles with energy

by Katie on March 14, 2011

Last Thursday I attended an event that was exactly the right mix: of Mayfair meets East End, of old and new faces, of fashion and art, of music and cocktails and of talent and ability.  Not only did it manage to promote the brand and relay its tough and active message, but it did so in a relaxed and informal high class West End gallery that was obviously open to attracting a new audience as turned on by ambiance as by artworks. 

DJ’s (such as pop-star, Eliza Doolittle) played a right-on music mix, champagne was drunk continuously and a packed throng of fashion, music and arts people mingled after viewing the campaign artworks.  It could almost have been the 1980s again.  There may even have been a still pertinent ‘Education not Missiles’ Hamnett T-shirt wearer present.  Nothing really changes.

I am speaking of Wrangler’s right on brand action-packed, adrenaline-fuelled campaign in its exhilarating “We Are Animals” series.  ‘Stunt’ features real life Hollywood stunt people.  The danger, the explosions and the sheer daredevilry are captured in stunning images by the outstanding US-based photographer Cass Bird, and crew.   The images are as energetic as the stunts they capture, exploding with life and with the energy of a brand that it hell bent on maintaining its heritage.

Wearing denim from Wrangler’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection, the two man, two woman stunt people in the campaign jumped through a 2nd storey window, dived clear of an explosion, fell through a sheet of glass and ran down a street while on fire on the Paramount Studios lot, synonymous with Hollywood action blockbusters.

These action packed images from Wrangler will launch in style magazines and European billboards during March 2011.  The new campaign reunites this original American adrenaline-fuelled denim brand, with stunt people – a breed of heroes who embody Wrangler’s message: We Are Animals.  And why, the tag line?  “Wrangler jeans are famously built for strength and tailored for freedom.  Wearing Wrangler jeans, we can surrender to animal instincts, embrace the rush of adrenaline and be our natural, wild, spontaneous selves.

Who wants to be civilized? We Are Animals.”  http://www.weareanimals.comwww.wrangler-europe.com/

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