Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on April 17, 2011

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.


FALSE LASHES – Addicted to the difference they make and loving the flutter of a eyelash flirt as do most British girls.  Do you know that British brand, Eylure, sells a pair every second?  Who knew we were world leaders at something (*punches air*).  Eylure Naturalites, Underlash and Ready to Wear lashes are available from only £5.06.  And, this brand now produces spangly, ultra glam sets that go up to £130.  Visit to find out more.

HUGH GRANT – Who knew that this sweary, ex-prossie bothering fopp would be the one holding the smoking gun over the corpse of David Cameron’s credibility?  Read his article HERE.  It’s a scorcher.

DOLLY – SIMPLY UNTOUCHABLE.  And, a whole new generation are discovering her music via Dr Dunks’ ‘No P’s’ and Ilya Santana’s masterful re-edit of ‘Jolene’.

‘DOCTOR WHO’ – Back, BACK, BACK!!! Only a week to go until, what it promised to be, the best series yet.

THE SUN – The warmer weather is with us once again, the only problem is loving it too much. Sooth your dehydrated skin with gorgeously riche Creme Fraiche (a 24 hour moisture emulsion) from niche French brand, Nuxe. (£27 from Space NK)

THE GIVENCHY/CONVERSE ADDICT COLLABORATION – For the trainer addicts out there.  Only available in Japan. DAMN.

GUCCI’S 1921 COLLECTION – Gucci celebrate their 90th anniversary with this capsule collection of iconic accessories.  In stores this June.

MR FREEDOM – A book charting Tommy Roberts’ influential rock ‘n’ roll emporium, and the birth of modern lifestyle retail, is in the works.  Essential.

OPI’S RED, PINK AND BLUE NAIL SHATTER – Brilliant effect and very Summer ’11.  Available from June from

SIENNA MILLER – For refusing compensation from News of the Screws re. phone hacking and continuing with her court case against them.  Go get ’em girl.

SWEET POTATOES – A dieting tip from Matthew Morrison, the buff teacher in ‘Glee’. Low in fat and packed full of nutrients, this super-superfood is on our shopping lists.


INTERNATIONAL VOGUE FAILS – An over-photoshopped Reese Witherspoon on the cover of the US edition and a pregnant Jessica Alba slutting it up in Vogue Italia. At least our homegrown version celebrates natural beauty.

GAGA (AGAIN) – We make no apologies for featuring this serial offender.  In much the same way that Boy George duely flogged the corpse of Leigh Bowery for artistic acclaim, Gaga has stated in Harper’s Bazaar that “McQueen is working through me”.  Really?  Team Chutzpah seriously doubts that (namesake) Lee would want anything to do with the derivative crap that was ‘Born This Way’.

AUTUMN/WINTER CAMPAIGN SPOILERS – At least let us get Easter out of the way.  Sheesh.

THAT PRADA COLLECTION – Yes, though it pains us greatly, we gave this one a drubbing way back when it was shown in Milan.  Now featuring on fifteen magazine covers, it would be unkind of us to suggest that editors have had a sudden lapse of taste bypass in order to chase advertising revenue.

RADIO 1/BBC 3/T4 – We may not be in their target demographic but even we’ve sussed that our nation’s youth are being patronised, BIG TIME.

VAST SWEEP OF HAND ‘FASHION TRENDS’ – Do (generally Southern-based) fashion editors realise the mayhem they unleash ‘up North’ when they issue edicts like ‘the Seventies are back’. Or, ‘this season jungle prints are hot’ and ‘colour blocking makes a statement’. Cue endless ‘Lily Savage’ lookalikes.

DESIGNER CHILDRENSWEAR – A vulgar waste of money, frankly, and now Marni has released a rage which is a tad declasse for such a classy brand.  Probably big in Essex.


THE WORLD’S FIRST CARBON NEUTRAL BRA – If Marks and Spencer think that this makes up for their latest ad campaign they’d be very wrong.

FOR PACKED TO THE HILT PARKS – Like Oxford Street with grass and as many fashion disasters.

What do you think of this week’s Chutzpah Barometer likes/dislikes.  Please tell us in the comment box below.  Thank you.

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