Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer – Special Gaga Free Edition!

by Katie on April 25, 2011

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.


Louis Vuitton and François Cadière… – …buddy up for an Autumn/Winter accessories collection taking inspiration from Berlin street art.  Fans of the Sprouse scarf will be relieved to hear that animal print features.  Launching July 2011.

Hussein Chalayan by Hussein Chalayan – Before Mary K turned a lampshade into a skirt this man was transforming airplanes into dresses and making envelopes which folded out into T-shirts.  This exhaustive retrospective from Rizzoli is published in July.

TRUST lipstick by Karen Alder in aid of The Prince’s Trust – The perfect red lippie to make a statement – a full cover, creamy, volumising, moisturising and smoothing lipstick in an iconic red.  The lipstick is priced £8.00 and will be sold exclusively through QVC UK throughout April with 100% of proceeds from sales going directly to the youth charity.

Fashion gives back to Japan – Show your support with a limited edition T-shirt from Marc Jacobs collaborator Takashi Murakami, or an exclusive bracelet by Gucci (as a side note, Gucci parent PPR Luxury Group has so far raised $3m for relief in Japan).

Charlotte Olympia launches e-commerce site – Featuring exclusive styles, such as the vertiginous patent ‘Eve’ heels with cut-out leaf detail. Katie’s credit card has been put on Suicide Watch.  She already has the winged Mercury heels.

The Anna Dello Russo Barbie – We all know that Anna is a real doll but now here’s the proof.

‘L’Amour Fou’ – Pierre Thoretton’s epic documentary on Yves Saint Laurent’s life and loves reaches these shores. Our advice? Pack the waterproof mascara and a hanky.

Missoni and Havaianas – This Summer’s essential poolside accessory.  Book that Margaret Dabbs at Liberty medi- pedi NOW.

Fake tan – A hot weather must for palid, milk bottle legs.  Just make sure it’s applied properly with exfoliation beforehand.  Loving the Sienna Natural Self Tan one as it’s low in DHAs which means no itchy rashes. 200ml for £19.95.


Brit Girl Summer Feet – As I said, book the Margaret Dabbs med-pedi and rid yourself of cracked heels and overlong toe-nails.  Eeugh.
The glut of “fashion films” – Back in our day, these were called “commercials”.  Budgets have grown in proportion to egos, resulting in a torrent (pun intended) of pretentious ads.  Team Chutzpah’s pick of the current crop: Bottega Veneta’s moody travelogue
Sunspel + Alasdair McLellan + Repton Boxing Club = the hottest thing since Bruce Weber’s ‘Broken Noses’

 The House of Holland commemorative Royal Wedding T-shirt – Dear Henry, you were doing so well and now THIS!  We may forget (eventually), but we’ll never forgive this tacky cash-in.  Such a lovely boy, too.

Richard James and SpongeBob SquarePants – We must’ve been off the day that novelty socks and ties were allowed back down Savile Row.  It’s not even Christmas (and NOW I’m mad that you’ve made me type the ‘C’ word – SHAME ON YOU RICHARD JAMES).

The end of D&G – We loved the Autumn/Winter menswear collection, but now Stefano and Domenico ditch the diffusion in order to focus on the high (sp)end.  Un vero peccato.

Help!  Hayfever season – Early due to the fine weather.  Antihistamines agogo.  We have tried everything except Zorbing to work.

The inevitable Misery of Sound Ibiza compilations – For people who’ve never been to Ibiza.  Even our gym refuses to play them.

Russell Brand’s new hair  It may be a move on from his spiky hairpieces but a wavy, grease pit with a centre parting is not helping his newly clean and serene image.


Karl Lagerfeld’s films for Magnum ice creams featuring Rachel Bilson – Amazingly, Anna Wintour took time out from flogging her assistants to attend the premiere.  Do these people even eat ice cream?

The Mulberry Coachella party – Chasing a slice of Burberry’s indie rock pie, Mulberry disconnects from its customers and throws a heap of money at some celebrities in the desert. The resulting pictures of pallid British liggers huddled under a parasol caused us to ask “Where’s the fun in that?”. 

BAROMETER compiled by Lee Clatworthy (@Teamchutzpah) and Katie Chutzpah.  Let us know what you think of it by leaving a comment below.

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