Damaris Celebrates 10 years of Sexy, Sophisticated Lingerie

by Katie on April 26, 2011

OK, I admit it.  I have a thing about posh pants. 

If “sugar and spice and all things nice…” are what little girls are made of, then their grown up selves regale in the smooth seductiveness of silk, the pretty, feminine flounces, the bright colours, the lace, bows, ribbons and detailing…it’s what we aspire to wear, be bought by men and, as a fall back, to treat ourselves. 
In recent years, it’s become de rigeur to colour match or strictly contrast your lingerie with your outfit for maximum effect.  And, if you choose to wear a vavoomlicious late 1950’s wiggle dress, then what better way to heighten your sex appeal than selecting a brightly coloured bra set with lace, net or sequins and wear with back bow knickers and aplomb.  Touche.
For the last 10 years, British label, Damaris, has been the byword for select, niche, in the know lingerie lounge lovers (and their male companions) as it offers all the sexiness with clever design touches and a unique stamp of just the right amount of Bohemian loucheness.   Who hasn’t coveted or worn the famous Damaris ‘back bow knicker’ or indeed one of its high street counterpart replicas?
And now, Damaris’ 10 year aniversary is upon us and, to celebrate, the label held a party to launch their new imagery by photographer, Justin Anderson, commissioned to capture the Damaris A/W ’11 collection in modern, ethereal imagery with a custom made, London kick.
Damaris A/W ’11 collection has eight new provocative stories introducing new styles, slicker combinations and curvaceous contours.  New and ultra chic V insertion decolletages, beautiful strapless bodices and floor length wraps encrusted in Swarovski crsytals, the A/W ’11 range reeks debonair debauchery with an insoucient air.
Contrast textures, jewel tone colourways and pop bursting brights signify the range as does the deliciously classic, jet-black silk tulle and daring fuchsia stretch silk satin; The new V bra (a favourite of designer, Damaris) is covered in Swarovski crystals over the silk tulle net.

Pannetoni is a beautiful bubblegum silk tulle with coral silk satin and sparkling pink Swarovski crystals.  This range comprises the V bra, back bow knicker, classic knicker and audacious new V knicker, another saucy, Damaris design classic in the making.
Damaris’ hold on a certain type of woman is to deliver sexiness with ramped up good taste and poppy bold colour.  The A/W ’11 collection is a luscious step forward.  Behold the attraction of the new ‘V’ shape.  Be warned.  Taste comes at a price.  See here for details.
Damaris bottoms are available in XS-XL while bras are available in 32-36A-E
A/W ’11 imagery throughout by photographer, Justin Anderson.  Pics of the Damaris launch event include girls wearing the jewel coloured,  back bow knickers and Damaris pictured with Justin Anderson.
Please let me know what you think of the new Damaris range for A/W ’11 in the comment box below.
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