Francis Kurkdjian launches Aqua Universalis Forte

by Katie on April 20, 2011

Some people resonate with you and impress more than others and so it was with Francis Kurkdjian.
At a recent meeting of fragrance junkies, experts and aficionados, Francis charmed with an sophisticated ease and intelligence that left us wanting to stay and ask more questions.  His approach is simple.  He wants to create fine, unequaled and distinct fragrance that lives through people, that has to be sought out, that isn’t par of the ordinary.
Francis Kurkdjian first found success after developing the Le Mâle fragrance for Jean-Paul Gaultier in 1995. In the same year, Kurkdjian established his own perfume house, Maison Francis Kurkdjian and has since launched more than a few niche classics including the deeply sexy, hedonistic Lumiere Noir and the more recent, incense fest that is Absolue Pour le Soir as well as the renowned Aqua Universalis, which crosses tastes as well as genders and sparkles with white, watery, light, fizziness and the softness of a clean, deep pile, white bath towel, wrapping you up in it’s freshness.
On his travels to Calabria in Southern Italy, Kurkdjian met his usual bergamot supplier who surprised him by introducing him to a deeper, more rounded version.  Kurkdjian followed this up by making a special version of Aqua Universalis for a friend with this deeper scented bergamot and voila, the creation of Aqua Universalis Forte was born.
Forte is like the more intense, intelligent and less frothy sister of Universalis.  The smooth rounded tones hit you with the freshness of young green tinged mandarins and with a powdery resonance that grows softer and deeper as it is worn.  This is the fragrance for a lover of fresh fragrances not willing to give up her personality – it manages to employ a deep contrast between light and airy and intriguing and beguiling which is a difficult one to pull off…but again Monsieur Kurkdjian is a master perfumer and if he couldn’t manage it, who could?  Kurkdjian manages to intellectualise fragrance while making it sensually addictive.  This is a modern day Summer beauty.
Aqua Universalis Forte’s Sicilian citron and deeper bergamot meet the beauty of the white flowers – lily of the valley (modern!) and seringa with added absolues of Egyptian jasmine flowers and Moroccan roses.  And, it comes in a 70ml bottle capped with a golden stopper (£140).  Available from June 2011 from Space NK and Liberty of London.
More power and prominence to Monsieur Kurkdjian if you please.
Have you tried any of Francis Kurkdjian’s fragrances?  What do you think of them?  Please let me know in the comment box below.
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