Windle and Moodie Launch Speed Styling

by Katie on April 6, 2011

Now I don’t know if you’re like me but I haven’t quite been allocated with hair styling dexterousness and ability.  No matter how hard I try (And I do) I can never quite manage a fully sleek style with my mass of unruly hair.  It’s a complete wonder and bafflement that those Gods of the salon (stylists and senior stylists) can transform any woman in under an hour with a few deft flicks of a roller brush, GHDs and some large rollers. Amazing.

Very few can replicate the ‘just stepped out of a salon’ look and it’s for that reason that should I ever become exceedingly rich, I’d sign up for an at home stylist a few times a week so I always looked salon groomed.

With this in mind, I was extremely interested to hear that cult salon, Windle and Moodie in Covent Garden have launched a ‘speed styling’ service.  So, styling in around 20 minutes for the ‘in a hurry but have a date/event to go to/feel like a bit of indulgence (delete as applicable) woman’.  Created by salon co-founders Paul Windle and Neil Moodie with the time impoverished in mind, there are five styles to choose from, carefully selected to suit all tastes and hair types.

Styles range from tousled chic waves with a nod to the rock chick to braiding with literally hundreds of options and glam pony tails (the chi chi option for A/W ’11 as seen in lots of shows) to short hair makeovers and the soft ‘up do’s’.

The other main difference is the price: A speed styled coiffure is priced £25 for 20 minutes or, you can have a touch-up Speed Colour at £35 for 40 minutes or both for £45 for one hour.  There’s also a Party Panic Package to put the stylists on the spot and have them flexing their creativity and talent as is often the case on editorial shoots and catwalk shows.

To find out more about Windle and Moodie’s speed styling and speed colour, visit

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