Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on May 7, 2011

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.


THE IT-BAG BACKLASH – Although some would argue that a £90 Jil Sander shopper is still a long way from The New Austerity?

‘SCARVES’ BY NICKY ALBRECHTSEN and  FOLA SOLANKE – Traces the history of the humble scarf, from social artefact to political propaganda.  Published by Thames & Hudson (£35)

HATS – Why wait for a wedding?  Just don’t ask Princess Beatrice for advice.

RUMMAGING – Sunny days are made for searching vintage fairs, designer outlet villages, or even your local TK Maxx. The rush from bagging a designer bargain beats the remorse of paying full price, hands down.  Chutzpah favourite Hammersmith Vintage Fair takes place one a month at Hammersmith Town Hall.  Next date, Sunday, 8th May.

‘INSIDIOUS’ – A seriously scary, gore-free horror from the creators of ‘Paranormal Activity’ and ‘Saw’.  We recommend that you take a friend.

THE PREDICTED HEATWAVE – Outfox the sun while keeping it glam with Shiseido’s Sun Protection Compact Foundation.  Glides on smooth as silk and resists perspiration with an SPF30.  £29.50 from House of Fraser.  

SALLY HANSEN’S NEW COMPLETE SALON MANICURE A 5 step in 1 bottle that includes base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, colour and top coat in one easy application. and the colour LASTS!  The 36 colour strong range is truly terrific.  Love shades, orangey-red Kook A Mango, deep wine Red Zin and coffee beige, Mudslide.  At only £6.95 per bottle, these are this Summer’s steal.  OPI, darlings, you have competition!

STEVIE NICKS ‘IN YOUR DREAMS’Just as the ‘Glee’ cast trample over Fleetwood Mac’s untouchable ‘Rumours’, ‘That Voice’ returns with the soundtrack to this Summer’s wafting about Portobello in a kaftan or maxi dress.  Loving Peacocks’ maxi dresses and at £38, who can resist?


LANVIN JUNIOR – As self-confessed style junkies, even we find it distasteful how the high end have leapt on the children’s market.  Are we programming our kids to become the next generation label slaves?

PHILIP TREACY BASHING – A unnecessarily vitriolic article in the Daily Mail, courtesy of Sasha Slater, trashes Treacy’s reputation.  We doubt that we’ll still be talking about Ms. Slater in 25 years time.

THE PRADA MARY-JANE BOOT – Miuccia brings prosthetic chic to the masses with this disturbing nude and red boot.

PARCELFORCE  – Waiting for that highly anticipated outfit from your favourite on-line retailer?  Don’t hold your breath, expect speedy service or  a ‘we care’ attitude from my least favourite courier delivery service.

ARMPIT ANXIETY – 77% of women allegedly felt the need to tell Nivea that they feel sexier when their underarms look good.  What’s wrong with sleeves?

THE SEASON END OF ‘THE ONLY WAY IS ESSEX’ – As most were seduced by the post-modern genius of this St. Trop and champagne-fuelled tour through the tackiest of Essex ‘burbs, some of ‘us lot’ can’t wait for the more upmarket, West London friendly, ‘Made In Chelsea’ by E4 to begin.  We’re hoping for WAG meets Sloane with Polo, Porsches and accents we can understand.  Yah, right on.


“GLAMPING” – It doesn’t matter how far you tart it up, camping still sounds like our idea of ‘Hell on Earth’.  Just say NO.


THE INEVITABLE BARBECUES – “Mmmmm carbonised Salmonella – don’t mind if we DON’T”.

TABLOID MISOGYNY – Open up any newspaper you care to mention and read about how women are too thin, too fat, too trampy, too frigid, too anal, too slobbish, or (ironically) too self-obsessed, and much of this offensive fluff is written by female journalists.  Right on sisters.

FOR FIRST TIME HAYFEVER SUFFERERS  GYAC, ‘this’ is what we sufferers put up with  every year.  Quit with the whining.

This week’s Barometer compiled by Lee Clatworthy and Katie Chutzpah.  What are your thoughts on this week’s loves and hates?  Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.

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Kate May 7, 2011 at 6:01 pm

Love this post – why in deodorant ads do the men always kiss the women’s armpits???



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