Emporio Armani Launch Summer Garden Live with Sony Music

by Katie on June 29, 2011

Last week, Emporio Armani wandered back into cool with a hot new series of Summer Garden Parties held in the back garden of the vast New Bond Street store.  

The air was more chic Eurofest than lowdown London indie as the well-heeled and designer bagged mingled with…well, each other mainly, save for a few stray social and fashion journos and faces.

Ciroc vodka cocktails were supped and smokers delighted in being able to ‘keep it real’ and indulge their habit in the covered outdoor area.  A trail of high heeled, lithe limbed girlies and blonde highlighted men strolled in and around and there was an air of glam insouciance.

The acts, too, seemed more folk Scandi-Euro than Burberry’s infatuation with everything Brit and indie.  Danish singer songwriter, Oh Land, bravely belted it out to a wanderlust, just arrived crowd awaiting the head-liner, Aloe Blacc.  And very good she was too all things considered. Oh Land’s performance was then followed by an energetic, if painfully self-absorbed, American folk artist, Lissie to a crowd growing more restless for the soul funk leanings of Mr Blacc. 

Aloe Blacc took to the stage like a young Al Green and proceeded to charm the audience hook, line and sinker.  “I Need a Dollar’ was emphatically cheered (well, we were in Emporio Armani and the dollars could have come in useful especially as my friend kept dragging me away from the sumptuous leather sale rail).
Attendees included Petra Nemcova, Ellen von Unwerth, Felder & Felder (all pictured above), Luke Treadaway and Amy Molyneaux.  I even spotted legendary disco DJ genius, Arthur Baker, in the crowd and that made my night.  

Emporio Armani, Live Music, Garden Parties and cocktails.  People, what’s not to like?

Emporio Armani’s next Summer Garden hook-ups are with Atlantic, Polydor and Island records.

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