In Search of Big Hair

by Katie on June 12, 2011

I put a shout out to PRs and experts.  I wanted big hair.  Still do.  

I think I’m not that bad at it when I pre-load with enormous rollers and try to tame the mass of fine locks that I have but there’s something about my arms going awry and looking in a mirror and getting confused re which is front and which is back, and which way the rollers should roll that foils me nigh on every time.  You can just guess I chose books and learning over pfaffing about in front of a mirror aged 14-15, can’t you?

I got rather excited at the prospect of doing a bit of a ‘Cheryl’ when she was still ‘almost a famous USA judge’ and when she did that colour block outfit thing that also alludes me.  The hair thing reminds me slightly of those weird child beauty pageants where the children have bigger piled and curled hair than their short legs and way too much lip gloss applied by ‘in denial’ mothers.  And the clashing, colour block thing?  Well, that just makes me think ‘brights’ and ‘the high street’ are a combination not suited to urban living and milk-bottle white skin.

Well, when a tempting release from Remington arrived on my desk urging me to ‘get full bodied, sexy hair with Remington’s volumising hot barrel brush that lifts and styles to create skyscraper inspired height and volume a la Cheryl Cole and Sarah Jessica Parker‘, who could refuse?

 And it arrived and I started playing.  I have to say, it hasn’t yet give me bounce and big uplifting roots and huge curls and I would be disappointed with this, but for the fact that it is the best hair product I’ve experimented with in a long time.  It gives a sleek soft texture and light curl to 90% dry hair and really makes a difference.  My hair goes from curly/frizzy to rather sleek, even if I do say so myself.  And, not with that over dry straightened to death look that’s so prevalent in the streets of London.  Oh no, this actually looks like it could have been done by an actual bona fide hair stylist.  I even added gloss with Inecto’s Glossing Spray in Pure Coconut that smells divine.  So far, so impressed.  

The large 45mm barrel brush glides through your hair and the innovative curl release button ensures you don’t end up in a tangled mess.  It releases the large curl wave in one easy motion.  I found it easier to grab large hair sections rather than all over sectioning.  The Remington Volumising Brush is a fairly priced £22.99 and available from Boots and Amazon.
The second appliance that I’ve been testing is the newly released Babyliss Wave Envy, a two barreled product that crimps hair for 1970’s style waves (available at Argos and Boots, priced £49.99).  Though not exactly ‘me’ (I have natural waves), these are great for a one-off style for a party or themed event and is a great tool for those with poker straight hair.

Hair tools, huh?  I may even finally learn to master the ‘reverse’ thing in mirrors yet.  

What do you think of the hair appliances I’ve tried?  Do you have similar difficulty with styling hair?  Please let me know in the comment box below.

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