Terry Richardson photographs YSL’s new Beauty Campaign

by Katie on August 30, 2011

When I first saw Yves Saint Laurent’s new beauty imagery for Autumn, if I hadn’t been already seated, it would have knocked me off my feet.

Where do I start?  The Terry Richardson stark defiant pose and bold use of colour that we know and love?  Or, the ultimate muse…..Arizona Muse playing the ultimate YSL Studio 54 type vixen, all vampy lips and over-dramatic smokey eyes, drawn out and extended for good measure?

Says Lloyd Simmonds, the YSL House international make-up artists and star who created the ultra fine dramatic look:  “I dreamed of a garden, a hot house garden, steaming under glass mottled with green. Vibrant and tropical in the midst of winter, it was riotous with growth, great palms, twisted ancient vines and mysterious flowers giving off a heady rock of passion and poison.”  

The greens and purples play with mottled moire effect,  dancing across the eyes and daring ‘toy with me and I’ll bite’ with my violet lips, the colour du jour this season.

Simmonds has stated in the past that he wants to re-energize the brand,  “… to move forward.  To take (back) the sensuality and almost dangerous sense of passion.”

Bravo.  With this season’s look, YSL are back in fighting spirit.

YSL releases 3 day and 3 nights shades of the Rouge Volupte Perle lipstick (£22), 6 shades of half- matte, half-satin Blush Radiance (£29.50) including diaphanous pink, golden beige, pink-tinted bistre and ‘daring’ red to sculpt sharp and chic cheekbones.  Midnight Garden (No 11) eyeshadow palette is priced £40.
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