Ashish’s sequin embellished Gardener’s Daughter for S/S’12

by Katie on October 8, 2011

Ashish is one of the more lively shows of London Fashion Week. It’s natural sequin imbued ebullience is infectious if not always wearable in the extreme but this season Ashish managed to balance and restrain an over indulgent exuberance and by taking it just that little bit back, the show was right on form.

Models strolled out all feminine wiles and hippy chick in floral abundance to Kate Bush’s ‘The Sensual World’. Large sequin sunflowers on stripes, daisy print t-shirts over baggy trainer type pants, sequin cornflower baggy rope tried trousers paired with wildflower sweatshirts and sweet, trailing long shirt floral dresses teamed with an unlikely ‘brickwork’ sequin boxy jacket shouldn’t have worked but did.

This was an ultimately pretty collection and, where normally Ashish has you whooping and reeling at the same time at the clashings and pairings, this selection drifted over you in feminine steps, charming and seducing you in equal measures. The juxtaposed battered Doc Martens with daisies and wildflowers spewing from the tops, the models’ sexy loosely plaited long hair, the confrontational Goth tinged black lips and the straw boaters all relayed an innocence – of a young woman still fighting her femininity while simultaneously being wrapped in it.  Sure, there were Camden edges to the styling of this collection but this was intentional and was meant to highlight and emphasise not distract from the collection.

Ashish has certainly raised his game and there should be some houses in Paris who should take heed of the stunning floral abundance sequin pants, the vibrant orange bird of paradise on pale blue sequin shifts and the ability of this designer to place floral bouquet sequin chaos on black and white zebra stripe  and make it work and not ‘de trop’.  It is, indeed, Ashish’s bold vision and nerve to clash textures and patterns in ramped up sequin overdose while applying an up-beat version of femininity that wins him young and older fans alike. 

Ashish’s ‘Gardener’s Daughter’ theme for S/S’12 showed that he’s an original colourist who deserves a bigger stage.
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