Chanel’s newest addition to Les Exclusifs reviewed: Jersey

by Katie on January 20, 2012

The strangest thing to me about Chanel’s gorgeous Les Exclusifs collection is the fact that many of the names of the perfumes herein (many of them favourites of Madame Chanel herself) have little to do with the power of the scent they unearth.

Take Beige for instance – sounds bland and conservative? It’s actually a beautifully buoyant, sparkling and distinct honeyed honed fullness which would be a sure fire hit if introduced to mainline Chanel parfums and a wider audience.
Jersey, Chanel’s latest Les Exclusifs addition to the fold, suffers from the same maladroit naming and belies its prettiness and appeal. On first application, the rush of light lavender is unmistakable but this is an ultra modern and powdery treatment that dies down quickly to the huskiness of crushed lavender blown on a warm wind. On researching the perfume, I read some unkind reviews liking it the scent of a cleaning product but this is so far fetched as to be laughable. Jersey makes her entrance borne on the wind with a carefree ruffle and clings to the edges of your white linen bedspreads so as not to be forgotten or forgiven.
When Chanel perfumer Jacques Polge was creating Jersey, he chose a fresh simple lavender from the environs of Montpellier and used a dry steam distillation which is quite possibly why this lovely is far from traditional notions of ‘old lady’ lavender.  In fact, had this not been quite so distinctly Chanel in all its subtlety and sophisticated, I dare say that Jo Maloneophiles would be battering on the doors of Chanel stores for access. Indeed, they may still do as it has enough prettiness and a homely style  without laying claim to fashion sharp devastation. And that, readers is its advantage. It takes the Lavender that is long associated with traditional mens’ fragrances and re-works it for women, leaving far behind in the distance any notions of real olde worlde ‘ladies in lavender’. 

It’s underlying warmth of comforting musk, vanilla and the slightest hint of patchouli make for a light perfume that says ‘i am comfortable enough in my own skin, thank you very much, don’t make a fuss.’ And why should it? Jersey in fabric terms has always been easy to wear and takes the shape of the wearer. Why should its perfume namesake be any different? Perhaps it’s not so ill named after all.

Jersey is available from Chanel boutiques and also from Selfridges, London and Frasers, GlasgowIt is priced £100 for 75ml and £180 for 200ml. For stockist enquiries please call 0207 493 3836

Let me know what you think of Jersey or the review of it in the comment box below. Thanks.

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Daly Beauty January 20, 2012 at 3:15 pm

I have yet to try this but I know I will love it! What a beautiful review. Making me want it even more….


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