Kilian to release Amber Oud as part of The Arabian Nights collection

by Katie on January 1, 2012

Kilian Hennessy is the man with the famous surname, the good looks and a super scented vision. As grandson to the founder of the Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton empire, Kilian’s chosen perfumery as his field of endeavour with a focus on increasing the percentages of fine ingredients and presenting his wares as an art form, like collectable fine wines and champagnes to be sampled and appreciated with the moniker, “Perfume should be essential in the excessive.”

His works (and they are fragrance works of art) include two distinct themes: L’Oevure Noire and Arabian Nights, the latter being built around essential oils with strong symbolic values from the East: oud, rose, incense, amber and musk. To add to his already existing heady collection of Pure Oud, Rose Oud and  Incense Oud, March 2012 sees the release of Amber Oud, a bedazzling, sheeny sweet Amber resin that sits atop a musky, heavy, thick golden Oud base.

Don’t let Amber Oud fool you. She may sound heavy and deep and she has her moments for sure, but she’s ever so light on her golden slippered feet. She’s contemporary and sensual while seducing with sparkling devastation. Like a spiked glass of Premier Cru champagne, Amber Oud can be drunk copiously without appearing to do the slightest damage – but beware her lethal strike. Devastatingly feminine, her powdery after residue sits sheer on the skin as it weaves it way, beguiling everyone in her path. And it is a just calling as Amber Oud was inspired by the Greek myth of the Heliades explaining the origins of resin amber.

Upon the death of their brother Phaedon, his sisters the Heliades were so bitterly struck by sadness that they shed endless tears and turned into black poplars. Their tears continued to stream down the branches of the trees, falling into the Eridan as amber drops of tears which women from the Latium then used to adorn themselves….

Warm and sensual but overwhelmingly pretty, Amber Oud is a “deconstructed/reconstructed amber” thanks to the animalic character of the dark kind of oud used. Other notes include  Madagascan vanilla, Laotian benzoin, Atlas cedar wood and Pimenta Racemosa essence.

Available from Harvey Nichols in March 2012, prices for Amber Oud will be £155 for a 1fl.oz travel spray and £265 for a 1.7 fl.oz spray. A 1.7 fl.oz refill will also be available at £110.

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