Gucci releases Flora Garden range.

by Katie on February 24, 2012

You could do worse that gift your Mother with a bottle of the newly released Gucci Flora Garden* for Mother’s Day (*released on 7th March). Taking its inspiration from one of the fashion house’s most iconic motifs, Creative Director, Frida Giannini explains, “With Flora by Gucci, I wanted to express the loveliness of the Flora woman, charming, romantic and optimistic.”

Firstly, there’s the brand name – always a winner. Then there’s the fact that the bottle looks weighty and pretty in it’s hexagonal shape and pretty leather bow detailing. Then there’s the scents – Glamorous Magnolia, Gracious Tuberose and Gorgeous Gardenia. None more fitting for a Spring like chic gift that signifies feminine and thanks and I’m more than glad that NONE have a hint of the ubiquitous pink pepper that’s all over perfumery these days like a rash gone wrong.
In all seriousness, I am surprised by how much I like this range. Gorgeous Gardenia’s so pretty it hurts. It’s pink and sweet, yes, but has the immediate effect of making you want to put on a dirndl dress and scoop up bouquets of flowers….or is that just me?  It opens to a very sharp peary scent but quickly the big white floral gardenia notes and frangipani kicks in. The sweetness comes via the brown sugar used in the base notes along with a faint (just sexy enough) accord of patchouli. Definitely my favourite of the bunch.
Then there’s Glamorous Magnolia with its bluey hues. The uplifting freesia bursts forth with a more gentle and rounded big magnolia gasp of floral with pink peony following close by. The warmth and sweetness here is due to a hint of sandalwood base (all good) and a warm chocolate accord.  Now, regular readers of this blog will note that Gourmand and Chutzpah will never ever get on, but the chocolate here is so faint it’s the merest sprinkling and that’s ok.

My only bugbear is the names. Why use gushing superlatives when the simple magnolia, tuberose and gardenia descriptives would do?

In fact, though this range’s timed release is pre Mothering Sunday in the UK, don’t let that put you off.  These are approachable modern florals and an easy wear for young women yearning for a simpler, sweeter alternative with a heritage brand name to boot.

Flora Garden Gorgeous Gardenia, Gracious Tuberose and Glamorous Magnolia are available in 50ml and 100ml with Generous Violet and Glorious Mandarin (100ml only) available and exclusive to selected Gucci stores globally. Gardenia, Magnolia and Tuberose scents are priced £49 for 50ml and £72 for 100ml respectively.

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