Roger Vivier Fragrance Collection

by Katie on February 11, 2012

I only just discovered these little gems and all because of Valentine’s Day. If there’s one good thing about receiving the several thousand, dubious, shoehorn link-to-Valentine’s Day emails (FOR THE LOVE OF THE SWEET BABY JESUS, JUST STOP WITH THEM!), it’s that I discovered this collection as it would firmly had escaped me.

Vivier’s five signature scents are inspired by nature and include rose, neroli, amber, sandalwood and iris. Olfactory director, Rami Mekdachi, has conducted the most brilliant of soloists in fine honing these.

I tried two of the selection (for they come in at a hefty £130 per bottle, but good fragrance always costs) and chose Le Neroli (a Summertime favourite of mine) and L’Ambre (for it’s deep, warm sexiness and comfort during the chill Winter months).
Named after a 17th century Italian princess, neroli is an ode to the orange tree and to its flower, even more opulent that it is pure. In this fragrance, Neroli essence, orange flower, orange seed (leaves and branches) and orange essence combine in a sparkling melody, delicately poised on a bouquet of flowers, jasmine and ylang-ylang. It is an instant sparkly, sunshine warm bolt of Italy that catapults you to Rome street cafes, Venetian lace shops and lots and lots of Ligurian blue sea. This scent is so beautifully bright, it should wear shades. Preferably large round Tom Ford ones worn with an insoucient air. It’s made me long for May and longer lighter evenings. Full marks to Dorothée Piot for this superior mix of orange flower.

L’Ambre is another beast entirely. Equally as sophisticated and ultra refined but with the deep warm sensual bite of an exotic vampire with fine cashmere clad fangs. Amber evokes not only marine ambergris but is also warm and opulent in a composition laced with oriental accents. Roger Vivier’s version is rich and precious with nuances bordering on smoky. Wood and resins flourish: sandalwood, labdanum, cedar, patchouli, incense, coriander and vanilla. Perfumer Benoît Lapouza created this overdose of opulence.

Each of Roger Vivier’s perfumes come in a bottle that is pure as it is strictly geometric, in near cubic form and is adorned with a significantly weighted, golden metal closure. Discreet luxury is evident in the design’s simplicity, a refined case in an exquisite ivory hued box.

And now for the Roger Vivier Valentine’s message: Declare your love with a personal quotation or perhaps a verse composed by a celebrated wordsmith and a calligrapher will be on hand to transcribe your words of romance to accompany the Roger Vivier fragrance of your choice.

Available on Saturday 11th February 2012 at Roger Vivier Boutique, 188 Sloane Street, London. Roger Vivier Fragrances are available at Roger Vivier Boutiques
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