The Burberry Prorsum Show Experience

by Katie on February 23, 2012

The Burberry Prorsum show has to be experienced to be believed. Under the creative direction and design of Christopher Bailey (as Chief Creative Officer), this label has grown and grown to one of the most powerful global brands and for good reason. 

For one week only each fashion season, the build of the greenhouse type tent can be seen being constructed sitting next to The Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens and, with the golden ticket stashed in my London Fashion Week diary, each time I passed it the nervous anticipation grew. Burberry, you didn’t let me down. 
This was ‘a show‘  if Burberry did jazz hands. But they don’t (thankfully). In typical Burberry understated style with good British manners and decorum, it takes its heritage and its starry aplomb and creates a very stylish buzz brimming with restrained electricity and excitement.
Firstly, there is the perfectly ordered crowd of sightseers and celeb spotters behind well organised barriers and the long line of global TV and radio journalists waiting to grab the procession of celebrities (Eddie Redmayne, Clemence Posy, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Kate Bosworth, Rob Pryor, Joseph Mawle, Jeremy Irvine, the ubiquitous Alexa Chung amongst others) who make their way forward to the wall of paparazzi with flashing bulbs and the heckling calls for their attention. Then there is the exceedingly well mannered and efficient security in black* (*everyone wears black at Fashion week, darling – the journos, the buyers, the PRs, the security….) who mean business.
Once inside, it’s pure theatre. Perched in my seat (everything well ordered and stylishly set out – if only all shows were like this), I observed the great and the good of fashion, media and film, air kiss and embrace on the main runway. The distinction here is plain. The established fashion journos and editors are as identifiable as the stars but never ever lose their steely, well dressed cool. A smile and a slight brush of cheeks is more than enough. The celebrities and well known media’ites, on the other hand, warmly greet with gay abandon. I may be on to something here.
The other distinction I should point out is that we are waiting for the slew of fashion editors and writers to arrive from the preceeding Mark Fast show. (I sent @TeamChutzpah. He was seated opposite Kanye West). If anything, the arriving celebrities are early in fashion terms. It is the all powerful fashion mass of mags, dailies, stylists and fashion influencers that PRs await and designers fret over. At each show, Team Fashion Editor cast their eyes over a collection and deem it worthy or unworthy, comparing it to past collections and promise, spotting trends, comparing seasons and influences and quietly taking stock on whether it delivered or not. I hold my hands up. I’m one of them. Guilty as charged, ma’am. 
As the tension mounts pre show, the seats fill up and more and more people file into the tent, there is a palpable air of ‘something big about to happen’. Suddenly, to a silent call, the runway is cleared in seconds and the music begins. In this case, it was an indie version of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Wish I had a River’. As they say in the movies, they had me at ‘Hello’.

Have your own Burberry Prorsum show experience by clicking HERE

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Christina April 25, 2012 at 2:40 am

The runway video is amazing. I love their dress and the background music is beautiful.

Christina @ Cashmere Sport Jacket


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