Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on April 23, 2012

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.


Jonathan Saunders for Matches – This capsule collection for high-end boutique Matches by BFC/Vogue Fashion Fund winner Saunders is a total no-brainer. You will need everything. Resistance is useless.

Terry O’Neill – His comments on the two Kates (Moss and Middleton) may have shocked some but respect to this photographer of the old school for telling it like it is.

Undergreen – Niche fragrance brand, developed in partnership with perfumer Fabrice Olivieri, arrives at Harvey Nichols. The Black edition, with its notes of Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Incense, and Oud, would be our choice. It’s on the review list.

MAC’s Hey Sailor! collection – The sassy striped livery simply screams Summer to us, and with a collection with Superbrand Carine Roitfeld on the way, it seems that MAC are unstoppable this year. Hey Sailor! arrives in MAC stores from 3rd May for 8 weeks only.

Kenzo Vans/Missoni Converse – Martine Rose and Shaun Samson gave us the heads-up that skatewear would be this season’s bubbling-under trend, but Missoni and a back on-form Kenzo, thanks to those folks at Opening Ceremony, take skate chic to the next level with their collaborations with footwear brands, Converse and Vans.

Boots No. 7 – 77 years old this year and still saving our skins with their affordable facial products which *whisper* actually work.

Cartier Tank Anglais – A robust makeover for the classic Cartier Tank timepiece, whose fans have included Andy Warhol, Marlene Dietrich, and Truman Capote. Available in three sizes and three shades of gold from…DEEP breath…£4700.

Alexander Fury – One of our favourite ‘tells it like it is’ fashion commentators and now Editor at Love magazine. It couldn’t happen to a more talented fellow. Missing his catwalk reviews already.

Jo Hansford’s Illuminoil – Illuminoil was developed as a one stop miracle essence for all hair types, harnessing the healing power of some of the world’s  most exotic and precious oils – Pomegranate, Argan, Karanja and Jojoba oils combine in this unique lightweight formulation to hydrate and nourish your hair.  Available from Harvey Nichols and for £29.

‘2 Broke Girls’ (Channel 4) – The wittiest, quick fire U.S comedy in a long, long time. Likeable characters, dead-pan delivery and caustic one-liners. This one is a winner.

The Fast Fashion backlash – Yes, we’re still banging on about this, but new books like ‘Over-Dressed’ by Elizabeth L. Cline and ‘Naked Fashion’ by Sofia Minnery suggest that the tide is starting to turn.


Bottega Veneta Initials – We’re all for individualism and customisation but why ruin the classic Intrecciato?

Katy Perry in Temperley London – Okay, our beef with the American singer has been well documented BUT it takes a special talent to turn one of Alice Temperley’s beautiful creations into something tacky and tarty. Congratulations Katy.

Birthday fruit platters – The joyless alternative to the traditional cake, as touted by Victoria Beckham. Poor cow.

CJG shoes – Struggling shoe designer Chloe Green, daughter of Philip, launches her first collection to collective cries of “Whatever!”  Even the green soles (Can you see what she did there?) feel filched from more original brands.

Jingoism – Tired of the zealous flag-waving associated with national events such as the Jubilee, the Olympics, National Armed Forces Day etc etc They’re really not distracting us from the real issues happening around us whatever the hype.

Roberto Cavalli on American fashion – “Almost fashion. It’s terrible and you almost can’t look at it”.  Ahem, we suggest looking in the mirror Mr Cavalli. 

Louis Vuitton luggage – Offered as a prize on the ‘This Morning’ phone-in competition. Now THAT is Brand Synergy RIGHT THERE. We can only presume that these were bought by the competition organisers and the poor press office up in arms?

Mulberry at Coachella – With Kasabian. The new Axis of Evil.

The Cider Tax – What does this Government have against the South West? Join Alice Temperley’s fight against effectively doubling the price of traditionally produced cider and scrumpy HERE.

Gucci footwear – As featured on the posters for Sacha Baron-Cohen’s new film ‘The Dictator’. Probably not the kind of publicity a high-end label like Gucci hopes for.


“Her Royal Hotness” – Or Pippa Middleton, for those not up on the latest Tabloidese, who became the subject of a red-top meltdown this week following a trip to France to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Whilst we don’t deny the feminine pronoun, someone should really pay the dictionary definitions for “royal” and “hot” a visit.

‘Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell’ – Some journalists have suggested that Cowell, a man who has built a career on forcing wannabes with mental health issues into the spotlight, deserves this prurient delve into his private life by Tom Bower, whose work demands a suspension of disbelief (akin to Grimm’s Fairy Tales), especially in regards to allegations of an affair with Dannii Minogue. At Chutzpah Mansions we feel that respected writer, Bower, may have been sucked in too far by the public poon-hound portrayal of Simon Cowell, a man who gathers ex-girlfriends around him like flies gathering around overripe fruit. We’re sure that somewhere, Cowell flack and architect of his rampantly hetero persona Max Clifford is cackling and counting his money.

Weekly Barometer compiled by Lee Clatworthy (@TeamChutzpah) and Katie Chutzpah. Do let us know what you think of our likes/dislikes.

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