H&H Push Boundaries with Nail Art & Jewellery Design and star in Mugler A/W’12

by Katie on April 12, 2012

Nail art is very much en vogue at the moment from East London’s inspired WAH Nails show stopping creativity to Nail Inc’s inspired Magnetic Polish effect and their latest, glorious new fishnet effect (with polishes named Soho, Piccadilly (featured below) and Spitalfields) 

Recently, however, I stumbled across fashion jewellery as nail art that was so astoundingly beautiful that jewellery brand, H&H were invited by Nicola Formichetti (Lady Gaga’s  close cohort) to provide pieces for the Mugler A/W’12 Paris catwalk show which has since created waves on the fashion and beauty scene.

“The nails perfectly complimented the futuristic, sculptural and insect like theme seen throughout the collection,” said Marian Newman, top manicurist who headed the show. “They were one of the most talked about things backstage, as no one had ever seen anything like them before.”

The dramatic nails which this season have been inspired by nature, are the brainchild of jewellery designer Hannah Warner and make up artist Holly Sillius who have pushed the boundaries of jewellery and nail design by creating a bold, elaborate range of precious metal nails under this new fashion jewellery label. 

Combining their creativity and passion for adorning the body in armour, jewels and luxury, this new form of jewellery is a way of turning nail art into an outre fashion statement worthy of Ms Daphne Guinness’ patronage.

Each piece is made from either gold, silver or black rhodium, created from casts made from lizard skulls and coral as well as more elaborate pieces such as thorns and thistles. The first collection uses nature as its theme, featuring nails ornamented in gold, silver, rose and black spider webs, lizard skulls, coral, leaves, thorns, thistles and spiky stems. 

Hannah and Holly handmake their designs, which are then either electroformed or cast in solid metal and plated in a variety of colours. The more elaborate nails such as spiders on their webs are created by sculpting shapes in wax, and then cast in range of precious metals.

Each nail is easily applied using normal nail glue or specialist adhesive tape and working closely with professional manicurists, these nails come in a range of different sizes and shapes to suit the individual nail. Different sizes are also made to order for clients. 

Prices start at £40 for one nail and between £250-£500 for a whole set. Catch a look of H&H’s new websitewww.holly-hannah.com or see their range at Kabiri stores in Marylebone or Kings Road.
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