Singtank talk Fashion & Music before secret Paris gig

by Katie on May 13, 2012

Regular readers of the blog will know that a few weeks ago I was invited by to join them at a secret gig in Paris with the band Singtank. 

The band, made up of brother/sister duo Alexandre and Josephine de la Baume, have enjoyed some great fashion and music press of late with Josephine gracing the cover of many style supplements. As the wife of Mark Ronson, an ex Agent Provocateur model and a growing in fame actress, Josephine (and her brother) are attracting attention for not only their naive brand of upbeat gentle pop but their personal style. Cue who included the band in their project,The Playlist.

The project involves six independent record stores who are still selling limited edition CD and Vinyl on As part of the launch, the website created a film dedicated to highlighting the pair’s individual style and music, ‘Londsdale Road’ (featured below) and this was launched at the secret Paris gig in new art styled fashion boutique, RA, in Le Marais.

Before the video screening and the gig, myself, Girl A La Mode and Alex Loves caught up with the Singtank duo together where they explained that they had been performing music together for most of their lives as a hobby and Singtank was both the culmination of their work and a new beginning as a music duo. Alexandre & Josephine both expressed excitement and nerves at the prospect of the release of the new album (due for release in the UK on 23rd July) and looked forward to touring later in the year. The secret gigs in London and Paris were seen as a way of warming up and of getting used to playing to bigger audiences. They knew that they were initially viewed as a studio band but not now. In fact, by working with top producers including Nellee Hooper and Alan O’Connor, Singtank’s confidence has grown in heaps.

The duo seem to balance one another in approach. Alexandre is more relaxed than Josephine and appears more animated. They both share a love of fashion (they stated that the visual aspect of fashion for performing and videos is important) and when I asked them for new labels they particularly liked at present, Alexandre championed Melinda Gloss, a small chic French menswear label that was recently included as part of Thomas Erber’s Cabinet de Curiosites at Browns, while Josephine opted for London based brand, Swash.

To end, I cheekily asked them what the first record they ever bought was. Josephine was a Michael Jackson fan and it was this that ‘rocked her world’ while Alexandre ‘fessed up to buying the Spice Girls. It seems even budding cool Parisians fell for girlpower back then.

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