Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on June 30, 2012

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s.”

Dolce & Gabbana Couture – Could be exceedingly special indeed…launching at a low-key event away from the Paris couture schedule in the designers’ beloved Sicily on 9th July.

Marina & the Diamonds ‘Primadonna’ – Starring a whole host of New York nightlife  (and friend of the blog @NikThakkar) this madly entertaining video hasn’t failed to cheer us up this week. 

Nancy Dell’Olio – We love a batty old Nancy at Chutzpah Towers, and Ms. Dell’Olio’s Serpentine Party outfit, inspired by ’70s disco troupe Boney M, was THE MOST, to say the very least. She may yet trump ADR.

Topman A.D. – A collection of T-shirts inspired by the “forgotten” London Olympic games of 1944, which were cancelled due to World War II, the stark geometric graphics are bang on the money. Clever Topman. T-shirts are priced £20 and available from Topman Oxford St, Selfridges and

Rodarte footwear – Brace yourselves ladies. Welcome to your next Shoe Crush.

Hydraluron serum –A new moisture boosting serum from Indeed Labs, the people behind Nanoblur, containing Hyaluronic acid and a bio-engineered strain of marine Red Algae.  One is sold every 6 minutes. Sounds like a snip at £24.99. Exclusive to Boots nationwide.

Comme Des Garcons Star Wars collection – A surprisingly tasteful range of shirts, T-shirts, and accessories inspired by the enduring legacy of George Lucas’ iconic ‘Star Wars’. There is a bag with Team Chutzpah’s name on it.

Ryan Lochte – Colour us unpatriotic, but we’d take the USA swimmer over titchy Tom ”Sexy and He Knows It” Daley any day.

Shu Uemura EssenceAbsolue Nourishing Protective Oil – Fed up with the humidity playing havocwith your hair? Follow the lead of beauty editors, who have rapidly elevated ShuUemura’s moisturising hair oil to almost hero status. And now, the brand who simply knows better is releasing the one-stop Ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil containing eight botanical origin oils to target different skincare concerns*. (*Available exclusively at Harrods from 1st July and nationwide from 15th July priced at £34 for 150ml/£68 for 450ml).

Rooftop Parties – We may not be having much of a Summer, but we still like to spend it sipping champers outside rather than rammed at the back of a store.

Justine Greening – It’s all going to be okay, MP for Putney and Secretary of State for Transport Justine Greening informed the nation during Thursday night’s ‘Question Time’ that she’s looking into everything

‘Top Cat: The Movie’ – Did we just walk through a doorway to the past? Any ideas why this film even exists? No? Us neither.

Milan menswear – Too much skin at Armani (yes, there is such a thing), too much Sicily from Dolce, and way too much of everything at an increasingly retrospective Gianni ‘type’ Versace PLUS…..

Jil Sander – Okay, maybe we had unrealistic hopes, but Jil Sander’s first effort since returning to her signature label left us a little disappointed, although we’re sure Uniqlo would’ve been thrilled in they had been handed that collection.

London/World Pride – Collapsing under a flurry of accusations, recriminations, and angry punters, maybe if London clubrunners weren’t so busy promoting themselves they could work together to stage the Pride event London deserves?

The cast of ‘Gossip Girl’ – All of 5 ft. 10” Ed Westwick modelling is ridiculous enough, but how we REELED when Gucci announced Blake Lively as the face of their new scent, encapsulating “Old Hollywood charm”. AS. IF.

Tom and Katie’s divorce – WHY GOD? WHY DO YOU FORSAKE US AT EVERY TURN? (Seriously though, we can’t wait to see the suggestions that the casting process for the next Mrs Cruise throws up. At an estimated $10mill for every year of marriage, though. *does call us sign*).

Word magazine shutting – The August issue of this brilliant, intelligent magazine is to be the last.

Iggy – Enough month, another ad campaign, this time for clothing brand Eleven Paris. Tsk. Whore.

Barclays – Words would fail us, if we weren’t so incensed. Yet more proof that the commercial banking sector cares so very little for its customers, and is prepared to rinse us at every opportunity. We would be stuffing our money under our mattress if we had any.


ADR – Literally anyone can wear a catwalk-fresh creation and a spray-painted Barbie on their heads and stop traffic, but Anna Dello Russo has elevated LOOK AT ME front row dressing to an artform, consuming clothes at a rate that even Gaga would find excessive. It’s time for a designer to politely tell our former fashion crush that it’s not all about HER.

‘Viva Forever’ – The “artists” formerly known as the Spice Girls turned out this week to promote a new Jennifer Saunders-penned musical based on their somewhat patchy back-catalogue. Scary, Sporty, Mental and Babymamma clutched each other whilst Vicky looked like she’d rather be having root canal work, which is entirely to be expected from the only member to have escaped the epithet of “former Spice Girl”. We give the production 2 months before the gays and hen parties realise what we did all along: The only good song is ‘Say You’ll Be There’ – and that was only because of the Stevie Wonder sample and ‘Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!’ inspired video.

Barometer compiled by Lee Clatworthy (@TeamChhutzpah) and Katie Chutzpah (@KatieChutzpah). Please leave us your comments. Thank you.
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