MyFace Cosmetics launch SilkScreen & Italian Ice Duo Shadows

by Katie on June 8, 2012

There are some make-up brands that just ‘get it’ and revel in the fact that make-up and dressing up, creating another persona and matching a look to outfits is just plain fun. Barry M, Rimmel and Collection 2000 are brands that spring to mind as well as MyFace.
Originally inspired by the creativity of Warhol’s Factory, MyFace’s founder hopes that users of the make-up are inspired to create their own look – be bold, be different. 
The make-up is brilliantly bling and as Blingtone eye shadow user, these beauties come in every colour with the sheeny sparkliness just evident…a girl can never have enough Blingtones. Then there’s the lipsticks – bold reds in ‘cherry bomb’ and ‘strawberry fields’ that are perfect for fair complexions and a great selection of neutrals such as ‘penny lane’ and ‘sexy back’.
And now MyFace have launched just the most fabulous concept of duo eyeshadows boldly claiming ‘Make-Up for the 21st Century’. To be honest, I’m delighted with the set I received. Big bold, in your face SilkScreen Art colours reminiscent of Bowie and Slade and Roxy’ paired alongside it’s partners, the Italian Ice Eye Art colours that are prettier and soft but could never ever be described as pallid.
These are shadows that strike to excite. Blendable, buildable, bold, the shadows rock with attitude and dare the wearer to strike out of the mould. Colours are vivid and clashing. ‘Fame’ pairs Bowie inspired electric lemon and brilliant evergreen while ‘Siren’ clashes seductive orange and raspberry shades. For a slice of Italian Ice, opt for ‘Amalfi’ where the soft blue and brown tones meet to replicate the feel of the sexy Mediterranean or the dazzling Portofino, with pastel blues and yellow meeting like the house colours that line the coastline.  There are eight sets to play with and all at £13.99 available from here.
MyFace Artistic director, Kabuki says, “In the cosmetics world, the term for rich colour and smooth texture is ‘payoff. And you’ll know why if you try these duo shadows.”

As a last word, the MyFace site is clearly set out and to use and even breaks down categories into different complexion skin tones BUT when I went to use it, it was doubly frustrating to get at the goods as it was so laboriously slow. C’mon guys, speed it up as this clunkiness doesn’t fit your fab brand!

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