Christian Dior updates Eau Sauvage Parfum

by Katie on July 1, 2012

We are in the midst of the men’s catwalk shows for S/S’13 which kicked off in London followed by Milan and then Paris. And, while I always take in what a man wears, how he carries himself, his swagger, his watch, his shoes and his ease, what I always notice without fail is the smell. Sometimes, it’s just clean – pure, honest, clean & cut, tidied to within an inch of his being, whilst others regale in hirsuteness and the trapped testosterone this permeates. 

There’s nothing quite like catching a hint of a fragrance – it takes a great man to wear a great scent and the subtlest hint rather than a heavy splash is often the difference between turn-on and off. 
I grew up in the ’70s when my much older brothers where blasting Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Wings, The Average White Band, Cream and Yes at me or dragging me to concerts (yes, I did have one hell of a music education), or sitting me in front of The Old Grey Whistle Test. I had to stay up late for that. I think it influenced me more than I ever realised. I digress. But amongst this steeped in ’70s memory of afghan coats and Levis, incense and patchouli oil, tight t-shirts and long sideburns, there was something else…when they wanted to go all out to impress a lady on a Friday or Saturday night, they piled on Christian Dior’s ‘Eau Savage.’ Then, it was the smell of sophistication. The juxtaposition of hip hippie and groomed sophisticate stays in my nostrils to this day so when I was sent Francois Demachy’s update of the Edmond Roudnitska classic, my heart raced a bit.
The new ‘Eau Sauvage’ is racier and fuller and woodier and greener than the original 1966 version but is every bit as enigmatic as it’s counterpart. There’s an added ‘oomph’ that bites deep into the nostrils with its smooth downbeat of amber sillage. Myrrh is the culprit and raises Eau Sauvage’s game to that of the mysterious. The fragrance somehow reeks of Frenchness – the smoothness, the elegance, the sexiness and the suave, debonair be-suited sway in impeccable tailoring.

There’s a luxuriousness to this version. Vetiver and Myrrh not withstanding, it’s the soft strength of amber that still carries this updated masterpiece. 

The dark green contents inside the recognisable rippled glass flask with its black belt, dark as night and elegant, like the swathe of satin on a dinner suit.

My brothers’ fragrance has just grown up and become a devastating silver fox. Now to find the man to wear it.

Eau Sauvage is available exclusively at John Lewis and Peter Jones stores from 3rd September 2012. Eau Sauvage Parfum (50ml) is £48.50 and (100ml) £67.50.
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