Elie Saab Le Parfum updated – Magnifying Femininity

by Katie on July 11, 2012

When I received the press release on this, I blinked twice. There didn’t seem to be much of change of circumstance or even look to this updated new classic, Elie Saab, but the fact that a) I loved the first release and b) I’m a Francis Kurkdjian groupie (the perfumer and creator, dear readers) that I requested a preview and lo and behold, the kindly PRs sent as promised.

To ensure a little clarity and to research properly, I fetched the original from its dark corner in the Chutzpah abode. 
The updated, newly interpreted EDT Elie Saab Le Parfum is even more sparklingly fresh and feminine in droves – big white buckets of orange flower bouquets hit you and grow and grow. This is prom queen spectacular and certainly needs a ’50s dress and a lot of skipping. The air of sophistication is never far though with its chintzy organza sheerness steeped in woodiness and with enough powder applied to ‘give good face’ against those flashing paparazzi flash bulbs.
Like his ritzy elegant evening gowns, this is a perfume to worn and swaggered. With each movement comes a fresh blast of loveliness as the rose honey notes relay sweetness and light like the myriad crystal beads on an Elie Saab creation. It’s softer by far when compared to the original which is sweet but has a blast of patchouli like Eastern promise and buckets of jasmine. This is couture like in comparison with finer stitching and greater attention to detail and a more refined swish.

The packaging difference lies in the reversal of colours (pink on white instead of white on pink) but the crystalline bottle remains though is slimmed down significantly.
Elie Saab, Le Parfum eau de toilette range is available exclusively at Harrods from now and then nationwide from the 16th July 2012. Eau de toilette spray (30ml) RRP £33.00/€45.00 Eau de toilette spray (50ml) RRP £47.50/€65.00 and Eau de toilette spray (90ml) RRP 69.50/€95.00

Catwalk pics of Elie Saab’s Fall 2012 Couture collection courtesy of www.style.com

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