Gucci launch ‘Premiere by Gucci’

by Katie on July 14, 2012

Gucci have tended to do glitz in a BIG way re their latest perfume offerings. We had the sexy, golden hued tones of Gucci Guilty in all it’s sheeny,’look at me’ sparkly addictiveness (a great masstige offer) and then the powers that be turned up the notch by adding to the party, Gucci Gulity Intense for Men and Women. Well, it seems that we’re on a one track train of thought leading to (trademark) more glam & glitz with the addition of Gucci’s new ‘Premiere’, fronted by Blake Lively and trying to re-capture the excitement of a Cannes Film festival and the golden era of Old Hollywood. I know. The mismatch of ‘old Hollywood’ and ‘Blake Lively’ is beyond me (best known for her role in TV show, ‘Gossip Girl’) but then, I’m not exactly the target demographic.
The fragrance itself if beautifully presented in a another great chunk of square gold bottle (the returning theme, it appears). This time the fragrance is on a higher pitch. Bright and sunny on first application, it sits high in the nose. Less sweet than it’s Guilty counterparts, Premiere is pleasant but flat. It sits on the wrist umoving and unwavering like a nervous, pre-botoxed actress, sewn into her Red Carpet dress, not daring to break the spell.

It’s termed as a ‘wood and musk sensation’ but I’m not sensing any of this and God knows I’ve tried. There’s a pungent mossy feel but moss covered with gilt is dumbed down a lot while the orange blossom top note is so far removed from real sensory, indulgent orange blossom that it’s a travesty to call it such. It’s saving grace is it’s inherent champagne sparkliness that hints of a champagne lifestyle for many, who no doubt, have a trampagne budget.
The pity of this launch is that it’s mood-board marketing over juice and integrity in every way. The inspiration (Cannes and Gucci’s 2010 couture collection), the star (Blake Lively), the campaign (shot by fashion’s darlings, Mert & Marcus), the heavy weight gilt bottle in all it’s “I’m expensive and worth it” mode, the classy bronze packaging, the execution…indeed everything except the fragrance. It’s as if the poor neglected fragrance has been the ‘add on’ to the concept and idea and not the central inspiration for the launch. Turned on it’s head fragrance development, if you will. The vagaries of commercialism may demand ‘Premiere’s’ success on a golden platter but it is to the detriment of the Gucci brand. There will no doubt be many who buy the byline, ‘Gucci Premiere celebrates the star in every woman’. Just don’t expect them to be fragrance junkies who go looking for nirvana in the juice.

Gucci Premiere is priced £45 (30ml), £64 (50ml), £77 (75ml). Body lotion, shower gel and deodorant spray is also available in the range.

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