Niche Perfume House EVODY launches at Harvey Nichols

by Katie on July 22, 2012

The world of niche perfumery is growing and this is no bad thing. In the land of profuse pink pepper and tonka bean notes of the mass market, it’s a joy to discover brand after brand that start from the grass roots and stay close to the product, creating the perfume themselves or working with significant noses who do.

Mother and daughter duo, founders of Evody, Regine Droin and Cerine Vasseur have created a collection of eight fragrances between them over the years that are imbued with enough character, personality and charm to captivate even the most cynical. Each has a personal story and was created to reflect a time of life, a memory, a feeling or an event that was inspirational to either Regine or Cerine from the memory of a home to the birth of a daughter.  Regine & Cerine say, “EVODY was created for people fascinated by fragrances who seek differentiation and personality”.

I met with Cerine Vasseur last week, just before the perfumes launched exclusively with Harvey Nichols and she carefully talked me through each and also seemed delighted with my thoughts and take on each of the fragrances. Of course there were favourites. There always are and in this case these were Cuir Blanc, Notes de Luxe and Fleur D’Oranger. (The others in the collection are Ambre Intense, Bois Secret, Reve D’Anthala, Pomme D’Or and the latest release, Musc Intense).

Evody was carefully named after Evodia, ‘the tree of a hundred thousand flowers’ in order to be the source for their creativity and resulting concoctions. Once only available at their own store in Paris, the perfumes are now sold through the famous Jovoy store in Paris as well as available through the website and of course at Harvey Nichols. The perfumes are immediate and filled to the brim with instinctiveness and naturalness. While there’s layers and deep complexity and work in these creations (directed by Regine & Cerine) by perfumer Aglae Nicolas, the complexity lies in making simple, pure scents of intensity that manage to evoke an instant reaction.
Cerine Vasseur created Cuir Blanc after the birth of her daughter so is particularly special for her. I loved this stand out perfume. Cuir Blanc smells of purity and possibility. There’s a sweetness and wholesomeness to this fragrance but with enough personality and difference to soar sky high above the rest. The appeal is in the rough hewn, smoky edges and grittiness, like torn white leather that’s new but been ripped in half and exposes its scent to the ether. The luxury element is its default note, white musk, that’s kissable to the nth, like a young soul grasping at life, entirely unjaded. A beauty that’s sexy, different, devastating and not to be forgotten – a Rosy de Palma or Tilda Swinton if you will.
Notes de Luxe is an altogether different form but sways her sweet seductive self in her elegant steps, simultaneously kimono and Louboutin clad. Mature and knowing, this is a perfume for those with style. It’s difficult to capture and define on first meeting but warms like a glass of expensive wine slowly drunk. A blend of Orient and Occident, bergamot, jasmine and ylang ylang are shot through with spices and moss. A floral being with the soul of a chypre, Notes de Luxe maybe difficult to define but she’s worth the wait. Boy, is she worth the wait.
If Notes de Luxe is hard to pin down, Fleur d’Oranger tells it like it is – all sweetness and blazing light. Fleur d’Oranger breathes of uncomplication. Warm, uplifting, smooth and sweet, the pure orange flower is blended with the citrus of bergamot and mandarin with a base of musk and white wood to keep things grounded. A truly beautiful and feminine orange flower that deserves to be worn in the heat of Summer. Roll on August days.

Evody Parfums are available exclusively at Harvey Nichols priced £70.

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