Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on August 18, 2012

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s.”


G-Star Raw’s Biker Boots – We’re in the mood for comfortable footwear for Autumn. And by comfortable, we don’t mean ugly or a sell-out. G-Star constantly surprise us with pieces and accessories that look a whole lot more spendy than they are. The latest is the Toledo Biker Boot. Yes, for LFW please.

Yasmin Le Bon’s undercut – Rocks, frankly. We haven’t been so overwhelmed by a haircut since Big Linda’s elfin crop in the late-Eighties.

Narciso Rodriguez and Banana Republic – Preppy emporium Banana Republic may have only signed the talented designer up as “consultant” but it’s enough to get us hot under the button-down collar. In the world of designer/high street collaborations, this is one certainly worth waiting for.’s MD Rakesh Aggarwal – When Katie was mugged last week, Rakesh was the first on the line to offer to replace lost and treasured beauty items and offer support. What a lovely, lovely gesture. His reasoning, ‘I have two sisters in London and I’d hate to see anything like that happen to them.’ 

Pete Reed – Team GB’s gold medal-winning rower is our latest sports crush. Paging Burberry: We’ll buy anything you put him in, ESPECIALLY underwear.

Sienna X Simply the BEST spray tan in town with the best spray tanner (@James Harknett) based at W Hotel. When Katie blabbed that she was seeing a ‘celebrity sprayer’ I rolled my eyes and thought, ‘what now?’. Yes, there is such a thing and apparently women vie with each other to undress for these specialists. Katie’s so impressed with the even natural colour, the compliments, the staying power and the fact that there has been no allergic reaction whatsoever that she’s booking in again. Check out their range of products if you don’t want to go for ‘the whole spray’. But, we’d advise it. James is the man with the golden (spray) gun.
Jack Spade and Barbour – The American lifestyle label, which recently opened its first UK store in London, collaborates with the heritage outerwear manufacturer on a capsule collection of jackets and luggage.  The Hopper jacket has Square Mile Squire written all over it.

Floris – Opens a new bespoke perfumery boutique slap-bang in Katie’s stomping ground this October (at 147 Ebury Street, near the hallowed ground of Les Senteurs). The store will house it’s bespoke perfumery service as well as their range of true English fragrance. The restraining order is no doubt in the post.

Taschen’s ‘Fashion Ads of the 20th Century’ calendar – The most inspirational way to start each day and, with no year attached, you can use this calendar from fash-porn publisher Taschen over and over again.

Eylure’s 65th anniversary – A girl can’t go without her lashes and Eylure’s the UK’s favourite brand. Launched in Forties Hollywood by costume designers David and Eric Aylott, the choice of Girls Aloud, Katy Perry, and the cast of ‘The Only Way is Essex’ (but don’t let that put you off) celebrates its 65th birthday this year.

Phillip Lim’s ‘Kill The Night’ – The designer worked with writer John Ostrander and ‘Star Wars’ artist Jan Duursema on this limited edition graphic novel, free with 3.1 Phillip Lim purchases from 6th September.
OPI’s Man With The Golden Gun top-coat varnish – Produced to celebrate fifty years of the James Bond film franchise and containing real 18-carat gold leaf, this glittering top-coat is a must for all wannabe Bond girls. Goldfinger, quite.

The end of the Olympics – Whilst it feels like the whole nation’s on a comedown, let’s not allow David Cameron to adopt the success of London 2012 as a totem of the Government’s achievements (espec when they’re still selling of school playing fields), and use the pride in our nation to kick that amoral, corrupt kleptocracy to the kerb.

“Hair is the new make-up” – US Vogue actually paid someone to write that, then printed their insanely inane comment on their cover. And does anyone wonder why print media is on its arse?

Prince Harry’s Angry Birds hat – Suddenly not looking so hot. You wouldn’t see ‘Our Pete’ wearing such a monstrosity.

Jil Sander – Off-schedule for Milan Fashion Week. With Raf and Phoebe Philo’s Celine biting Sander’s minimal style, could she be feeling the pressure of returning to her eponymous clothing label?

“Mirror–fasting” – Just no. We’d be fine, it’s the general public, animals and small children we’re concerned for.

Dorothy Perkins’ Kardashian collection – The answer to the question nobody asked, but if you want to dress like a mercenary porn star accused as the catalyst in the breakdown of modern society then be our guest.

Jasmine Lennard – Officially 27 *sniggers*. That’s either a lot of late nights in ‘China White’, or having sex with Simon Cowell is more of an ordeal than we thought.

’18 Again’ vaginal tightening gel – Only available in India, fortunately. We don’t think we could stomach the mid-‘Lorraine’ television ads.

Anna Piaggi R.I.P. –  As original as Vreeland. Another iconic fashion visionary is taken from us. Too, too sad.

Middle-class comedy – We can confirm that charm vacuum Jack Whitehall in precisely 300% more smug and 83% less attractive and amusing than he thinks he is, which probably means we’ll be subjected to as many series of his new show, BBC3’s ‘Bad Education’, as historically low cultural tidemark ‘Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps’. 

‘Minnie Mouse Must Haves’ – Or the first creative fruits of eBay’s partnership with London Fashion Week, as some high-profile British designers who should-really-know-better design pieces inspired by Disney character. Minnie Mouse. Yes, it might be for charity (in this case the BFC/Bazaar Fashion Arts Foundation), but this project seems particularly un-British, conceptually stagnant, and the thin-end of the corporate fashion week funding edge. We had low expectations for eBay’s involvement in British fashion, which they’ve reassuringly managed to live down to.

Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer compiled by Lee Clatworthy (@TeamChutzpah) and @KatieChutzpah. Please feel free to leave us a comment on this week’s likes/dislikes.

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