L’Artisan Parfumeur releases Seville a l’Aube by Bertrand Duchaufour

by Katie on August 2, 2012

It started out as a tale of spontaneous love (or should I say lust) of a sexy, middle aged perfume lover and her younger Spanish cohort on a night with the scent of orange blossom swooshing around in a packed cathedral square during Holy Week in Seville (‘Ooh, Matron’ squeals of very British type ‘Carry On Up Flamenco’ raised eyebrows). Not quite how many perfumes are conceived or created but when Denyse Beaulieu (author of the book that inspired the scent, ‘The Perfume Lover’ as well as perfume blogger ) became erstwhile muse of celebrated perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour (creator of many of L’Artisan Parfumeur’s greats), Seville a l’Aube was born.
Seville a l’Aube  begins with a sharp burst of freshness that is the spicy green zesty notes that are almost reminiscent of smelling a freshly cut flower stem, seeping sap of pungency that makes one wrinkle the nose in surprise but delight, leading to a deep, deep, sweet dirty orange flower that’s certainly no virgin in Seville’s Holy week and she should well cover her face with a veil in remorse, which she does in the fragrance when the powdery veil of Spanish sin merged with Siam benzoin kicks through.
Duchaufour spoke of being obsessed by Spanish mens’ lavender aftershave colognes and the freshness but sexy testosterone that kicks through in the hazy heat. I get it. Memories of cheap but appealing ‘Varon Dandy’ being copiously worn, the buzz of the cafes and the piousness of religion, always apparent in every square with statues and fountains and churches nailed the setting.The fact that the orange flower appears dirty while sweet, the lure of the prospect of sexual liaison and the indiscriminate nature of the act as well as the scent, makes the big white bouquets of jasmine and orange flower (tarnished with lust) seem erotic. The back notes of frankincense to elicit the cold stone walls of the cathedral steeped in smoke, adds the final touch in the story.
This is a BIG perfume full of surprises much like the character of the muse. Yes, it smells of hot bright orange, daring and sweet, sweet carnality while the Spanish fans that act as window props of the Seville a l’Aube window display adds to the mystique and intrigue.
There’s a candour to Seville a l’Aube, though, which appeals. It’s upfront from the onset but it’s layers reveal a surprising hidden depth to this perfume child born of desire. Feminine, magnetic and sensual this is a winning Summer fragrance that’s in a different league of freshness from the mainstream. It should come with a by-line, ‘Explicit content. For adults only’.

Seville a l’Aube is currently available from L’Artisan Parfumeur, Covent Garden piazza or online priced £88 for 100ml. The accompanying book ‘The Perfume Lover’ is available through Amazon priced £9.99.
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