Houbigant regally launches Orangers en Fleurs

by Katie on September 4, 2012

Houbigant’s one of your olde worlde names when it comes to perfumery, like Guerlain, Caron and Molinard.

Indeed, it was Jean-Francois Houbigant who created the oldest of all the great French perfume houses in 1775. Madame Dubarry, mistress to French King Louis XV, and Marie Antoinette, spouse of Louis XVI, were among his clientele. And, in 1807, Houbigant was appointed personal perfumer to Napoleon and created a special perfume for Empress Josephine, which had strong notes of musk and civet. Queen Victoria, Napoleon III and the Tsar of Russia all made Houbigant their royal perfumer. Royalty and the finest perfume ingredients are Houbigant’s acclaimed signature.
Houbigant’s iconic ‘Quelques Fleurs’ floral bouquet remains the archetypal old style perfume, still as popular today as it was in 1812. So, it’s quite something that Houbigant in its new guise, still as aristocratic, still exuding upper crust class and elegance, with it’s gold ‘H’ crest and its regal raffinesse, is launching the most delightful of pure orange blossom based perfumes, Orangers en Fleurs.

From the off, the setting of this launch was perfection. Perched in the Regency Room at The Connaught (how fitting) the glass chandeliers and multi-faceted mirrors only served to emphasise the white rose and orange flower greenery bedecked room with its Louis Quinze style table, heaving with ornate decorum and Houbigant’s new perfume in its dressing-table  worthy beautiful flacons.
The perfume is an instant wow. This is aristocracy of an old dynasty in new silk stockings and with a sexiness not usually associated with overblown florals. The big hit of orange flower, rose and white gusts of jasmine carry the feminine soul to another place while the sensuality of tuberose follows in its wake dying down to a powdery but faintly earthy musky base to ground the floral headiness.

Orangers en Fleurs takes flight instantly. One will either love it (oh, and I do) or hate it, as it spills forth flouncy, floral, feminine flashes in old style zeal. Everything is soft and appealing about this one. You could never imagine being angry or confrontational or losing the heel from your designer shoe in this perfume. This is a perfume for modern day sedan chairs (ie the black limo or at worst, the black Hackney) and a seamless day of lunches, teas and light shopping. In reality, this is the perfume that a lover should buy you. The serious ‘is he the one’ type. Not the fly by night, pick up a token of affection from a high street ‘Boots’ type.
And, the beauty of Orangers en Fleurs is it definitely gets sexier and dare I say it, stronger as it settles. Like all women, their strength lies at the base of their heart with their ability to up their femininity when the going gets tough or when they’re in love. Houbigant’s Orangers en Fleurs can be relied on as an aide memoire for exactly these occasions.

Houbigant’s Orangers en Fleurs is available at the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie, 5th Floor Harrods and from selected good perfumeries nationwide including Escentual.com Prices begin at £99 for 100ml Eau de Parfum to £375 for 100ml Parfum.

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