Motorola’s Sleek New RAZR i with Intel Inside is released

by Katie on September 26, 2012

A little while ago, I got my trusty iPhone4S stolen when I was mugged. It was a big loss for a social media madam.

I say this to give some background to this post and to state from the very beginning re how I’m usually an Apple devotee. In fact, @TeamChutzpah always maintains that Apple are a bit like crack dealers. Releasing fabulous new shiny products to become addicted to and to covet and then updating them as soon as they have you in their grasp. Not wrong. But I prefer to think of it as simply great products that are easy to use and fabulous marketing.

However, with the phone’s loss I have strayed (*gasps*). The kind people at Motorola enticed me with their RAZR Maxx which has an enormous 21 hours of (talk time) battery life (and far outshines the iPhone) as well as useable features, apps, widgets, SMARTACTIONS and the sexiest feel in your hand with its slim good looks, its innovative Kevlar fibre backing that can take knocks (and even bullets) and its water repellent nano coating. 

Using it since Vogue’s Fashion Night Out and London Fashion Week, I’ve got used to it quickly and it’s become a good friend. It’s certainly impressive. The only thing I have a downside with is the white out of black typeface as opposed to the easier on the eye(phone) black out of white. I asked about this feature as well as the fact that the wallpaper choices are ‘swirly’ and multicoloured when sometimes all you want is plain, and the reason given was that white typeface out of black background uses much less battery power so extends the life.
And now that I’ve got used to the sleek RAZR Maxx, as quick as a flash, Motorola have just launched (in time for Christmas) the RAZR i with Intel Inside and an Edge to Edge display. ie. The phone’s a little smaller but a whole heap more desirable and with a seemingly bigger 4.3 inch screen.

The new RAZR i with Intel Inside gives high speed thanks to the Intel Atom processor and again, has a long life battery. The power of Intel Inside also means that the 8 megapixel camera can load in less than a second and also has the option of multi-shot mode (brilliant for capturing catwalk) to ensure you get the pic you want.

It’s beautifully designed, a treat to use and gives function as well as fashion. Says senior VP of consumer experience at Motorola Mobility, “Together with Intel, we’re redefining what people can expect from a mobile device.”

It may not have the marketing budget or the recent mega hype of the iPhone5 but Motorola’s clever new young interloper will make ripples and appeal to a youthquake audience who like their experience to match looking good. In fact, so do I.

Motorola RAZR i will be available in black beginning in October in select European and Latin American markets including the UK. A stand out white version will also be released in selected markets. Pricing and availability will vary by country so please visit 

VIRGIN MEDIA: Available in all channels (retail, telesales and online) starting at £23.  
TESCO: The handset will be available on selected networks and tariffs at and in Tesco Phone Shops nationwide.
T-MOBILE:  Free from £31 per month on a 24 month plan. Please see for more information.
ORANGE: Free from £31 per month on a 24 month plan. Please see for more information.
PHONES 4 U: Please contact the carrier directly for tariff information. Consumers can also pre-register here:
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