Lucza London – Dressed up, dressed down luxury staples

by Katie on October 20, 2012

Karen Scofield-Seal, owner of Lucza London, comes across as easy and relaxed as the styles she designs and produces. “I wanted to produce luxurious beautifully cut clothes that I could throw on when I got home from a busy day, and look and feel instantly chic.”  Step forward Lucza London incorporating the Lucza 10 – key wardrobe pieces that will have you coming back for more – mixing and matching to your own style and providing just the right element of laid back elegance with high impact sophistication. These clothes glide with cool nonchalance in subtle tones and fabrics.
At the beginning of 2011, Karen started Lucza London, a busy internet business that’s growing with increased media attention but importantly through word of mouth. Women like to share their secret finds and none more so that the Lucza London customer whether she lives in Notting or Primrose Hill, the Cotswolds or Edinburgh.
Lucza London’s appeal is that it doesn’t try too hard but manages to impress as, well, it’s all so darn easy to wear. These are relaxed pieces that are meant to be a solace, a go-to when you come home from work but shun being a slob. These may be the most dressed-up, dressed-down items that a woman can own. Simply too luscious with their soft drape, fold and clever cuts which are inherently confident with a sexy edge, these are too good not to show off outside the confines of your home. Better than basic wardobe staples with more than an edge of sex appeal.

Heavy silk drapes beautifully in the Raquel peasant blouse (a personal favourite) combining an edge of Marakesh for urbanites, in shades of pale grey or champagne while the Anna top in mink or black is a staple camisole. Jersey racerback tops have inbuilt bras for comfort and ease of wear while trousers come in simple styles – cigarette or wide leg – like the heavy slub silk palazzo pants, suitably named the Greta.
It’s always hard to find a simple camisole slip dress, the basis for many a look, and Lucza London’s has just the right length as well as racerback versions in mink, black and grey.

And, the majority of the pieces are made right here in England.
These are chicster items that you usually see on the backs of those effortless, blonde highlighted women whose lifestyle you’d like to emulate if only it wasn’t for the mortgage, bills, screaming kids or car that won’t start. The type of women who never catch their heel in a tube escalator, get rained on without an umbrella and who never seem phased, rushed or manic. Lucza London brings you a step closer to being ‘that’ woman with loose, care-free luxury. Lucza London is, quite simply, a great find.

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