H20+ skincare arrives in the UK exclusively at M&S

by Katie on November 25, 2012

American brand H20+ is the latest to hit Britain and is sure to make a splash – fitting as its formulated with marine nutrients, botanicals and plant extracts which harness the restorative power of the sea. Currently exclusively available at M&S and, according to the in-house team, is doing very well, H20+ is not only an accessible skincare range with reasonable pricing, it’s easy to understand and this is its nux and key selling point.

H20+ knows that every single woman’s skin is different and each has a different skincare regime. For example, no matter how much I’m encouraged, I find it difficult to build serums into my regime of make-up removal, cleansing bar, eye cream, day cream/night cream. I know they work.. I know they’re good. But mentally I’m not there enough to add another step in this already long-enough process. Sorry, day serums.

Knowing that women have enough to worry about, they have not only devised a full range of products that work but packaged them so the user can select the product fitting exactly her skin care regime to a tee. No endless reading faint copy on illegible backgrounds, oh no, H20+ have colour coded their ranges – Blue for oil free marine hydration, Grey for age prevention & repair, red for advanced marine firming, purple for targeted specific treatments, turquoise for sensitive, soothing & calming, white for luminosity and even tone and green for blemish correction & control. The consumer can, therefore, choose exactly according to her regime and problem areas. 

I have been trying the gel like texture best-selling hydrating treatment (£32.50). A small spot of bright blue gel covers the whole face and sinks in adding instant moisture. I’m impressed and really like this product. I’ve also been using the eye-lift concentrate (£27.50). Slightly sticky without being heavy, the eye-lift concentrate gives an instant plump and aims to give a well-rested appearance with its ingredients of caffeine, chlorella and marine algae.
Finally, I’ve added in to my regime, the deep sleep recovery serum ( £32.50). With night time skin care, it’s all about the ease. Leave this light and fragrant cream in a pump on your bedside table and make it easy on yourself. The retinol-enriched serum goes on lightly and easily. It’s not a deep heavy texture like some night creams but promises to dramatically fade the look of expression lines so is more long term usage. It does feel good on application but I’ve yet notice any longer term difference but, it’s only been a week!
Other best sellers for the range include the hydrating booster which is an oil-free moisture supplement for depleted skin (£25) and the aquafirm and intensive lift serum (£35) which lifts and re-counters the skin with strengthening marine ingredients.

Especially for Christmas, there’s also a range of gifts to allow the customer to introduce the range to friends and family. There’s the sea results overnight recovery package (£41), the sea salt spa trio (£22), the aquafirm collection (£54) and the hydrating marine trio package (£13). 

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