Introducing William Wilde

by Katie on November 27, 2012

I’d never heard of William Wilde before I had these images drop through my email box. They are quite impressive from a barely unknown designer and well done to the PR for the hype and direction.
Seems that William has a fetish for working latex and rubber. Now, unless you’re Daphne Guinness, a lot of this type of clothing tends to look like funky Ann Summers meets the cast of T.O.W.I.E on normals, so seeing some quality styled imagery that depicts the designer’s mood does wonders for his reputation. Who knows, it may even turn-on new customers who’d normally running screaming at the thought of wearing skin tight latex.
Some of the work is quite beautiful, especially the elongated lines, fabric clashing and flowing sequins but I do worry about the collections’ names and inspiration – Filthy Wilde, Vixen Kill! Kill! and Through With Love! (yes, there are multi-usage exclamation marks) sniff of East End drag clubs and OTT styling and that’s a shame as there are nuggets of greatness here (as the imagery shows). 
Latex and rubber seems ‘au fait’ when Nicola Formichetti uses it or if Gaga spits anywhere near it but is relegated to ‘oh la la’ elsewhere. If only more people of taste could carry it off, the association with the theatrical, the naff and the bad drag artist would quit. But then where would they be, huh?
Fortunately, fans of William Wilde include the outre and the glam. Paloma Faith, Tori Amos, Rihanna and Daisy Lowe have all worn the collections. We’ll forgive him the inclusion of Tamara Ecclestone amongst his fans if he continues to produce show-stopping imagery like this.

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