Jo Malone launches Sugar & Spice for Spring’13

by Katie on November 25, 2012

Last week saw fragrance house, Jo Malone, launch the latest in their perfume groupings for Spring 2013.
Jo Malone’s creative team worked with master perfumer, Christine Nagel, to capture the best of British puddings and work them into fragrances. The aim was not to be too cloying or youth-tinged sweet but for each to have enough sophisticated essence to allow a grown-up to wear on their own right, layer the selections or team with their existing perfume palette.
Groups of journalists gathered in a Covent Garden pastel bedecked patisserie to experience the range in taste and scent. Tables were covered in cake stands with accompanying tarts and goodies while the scents were on hand to give a fragrance gourmand experience.
Nagel explained that she had no idea that Britain was so rich in terms of puddings and set to visiting Fortnum & Mason and Claridges’ to savour the best. Five fragrances have been created from this: Lemon Tart, Redcurrant & Cream, Elderflower & Gooseberry, Ginger Biscuit and Bitter Orange & Chocolate.
Now, I’m famously not a foodie nor a lover of gourmand fragrances despite their popularity, so tend not to have any tranche with sweet & girly. It’s taken me this long to grow up so why regress with over sweet indulgence of berries and heavy chocolate (aka like Thierry Mugler’s Angel)? Saying that, of the new Jo Malone range, my favourites were definitely the more tart ones (literally) such as Lemon Tart and Redcurrant & Cream. The former gave hints of lemon sherbet sweets while the latter was light, refreshing, creamy and with a delicate air. 
Nagel suggested that these two were particularly suited to fragrance layering that Jo Malone is so famous for promoting while adding that Bitter Orange & Chocolate can be added to any fragrance for added oomph.
On its own, Bitter Orange & Chocolate is a step too far gourmand for my taste. Like biting into an upmarket Terry’s Chocolate Orange or a rather fine Patisserie Valerie orange chocolate torte. The juicy spritziness of the bitter orange combined with dense chocolate is impressive if not my taste. I’ve yet to try adding it to my treasured Carons’, Malles’, Guerlains’ and Diors’ to try out the added oomph factor. After all, I don’t think perfumes of this calibre and heritage need improving. However, if you’re a sweet tooth and opt for mouthfuls of cake over the charisma of chypres, these are for you. You just have to wait till Spring ’13.

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HETTY February 7, 2013 at 12:06 pm

Oh dear, this sounds right up my street! Looking forward to sampling them!


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