L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Mon Numero 7 launches exclusively through QVC UK

by Katie on November 10, 2012

Bernard Duchaufour is well known for his exotic style and his well-travelled relationship and creative ingenuity behind many of L’Artisan Parfumeur’s popular perfumes. He is, after all the nose behind their Timbuktu, Nuit de Tuberose, Mure et Musc extrait and recently, Seville a l’Aube. 

Duchaufour’s also the man behind one of the most wondrous chypres ever created, MDCI’s ‘Chypre Palatin’. So soft and vintage hedonistic it makes you swoon. Imagine bathing in a treacle edged, vanilla, rose, benzoin and jasmine overdose, in the vast marble bathroom of a Venetian palazzo, bathed in soft, warm light; That’s Chypre Palatin. Duchaufour has already created a wonder, so any of his new releases gain rightful attention.

L’Artisan P’s and Duchaufour’s latest project is the release of Mon Numero 7, the final number from the prestigious ‘Mon Numero’ collection released from the perfume house. The collection features perfumes each inspired by nature and travel. Mon Numero 7 is the latest fragrance to be exclusively sold via one retail partner around the world – in this case QVC UK. Such other famous retailer tie-ups with L’Artisan Parfumeur have been Barneys, New York (No.10) and Harrods (No. 4), so QVC do lay claim to a true exclusive.

Before I read the press blurb, I emptied the beautiful contents from the chic black & gilt packaging to spray before prejudicing my sentient experience. The sensation was immediate. It smelled and felt like a rush of pale green and white ribbed, freshly cut celery dunked into a heavy glass, filled with a densely Worcestershire sauced, spiced up Bloody Mary. The bite of the pristine vodka just tumbling through the sharpness and spice. But then again, perhaps it was late Friday afternoon and I was just in the mood for a drink?

Joking aside, Mon Numero 7 appears to combine both the Orient with the Indian sub continent. There’s the sharp, high in the nose, watery greenness of an Oriental green tea mingling with the star anise, saffron, cinnamon and cardamom pods splattered with the juice of a mandarin. Not what I expected. 

The fragrance does cleverly combine the contrasting cool with the heat and the incense laden tomes of India versus watery stickiness. The tackiness of gayac gum melds with the base of sandalwood but contrasts with the layered jasmine and tuberose. At first, I didn’t know where this concoction was taking me. I’m a woman who likes my spices spiced and heavy, my chypres complex and seductive and my florals overpowering. So, being faced with Mon Numero 7 which seems to juxtapose and collide two ideologies as well as two nations known for their fragrance influence, this tended to flummox me. Clever, yet of an acquired taste.

I’m not quite sure if this manages to capture the whiff from ‘deep inside an Indian temple, a necklace of tuberose and jasmine around your neck, a chai tea in your hand and a whiff of spices in the air’. It certainly is spiced. Dry and dusty and heaving from sacks as opposed to wet and warm, while the jasmine and tuberose isn’t ramped up enough in my book, to level out the spices and indulge us in a heady floral maelstrom.

Mon Numero 7 has across the board strength. It’s appeal will be for the female sophisticate willing to take a bet but much better for the man of refined taste, in seek of a spicy, fresh tinged splash that’s far from run-of-the-mill. Perhaps that’s not how it was conceived but it’s where I’d point it’s audience. Not a bad thing pre Christmas.

L’Artisan Parumeur Mon Numero 7 is priced £110 (100ml) from www.qvcuk.com. Item no: 200135

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