My Louboutin Christmas Wish List

by Katie on November 15, 2012

Okay. I’m going to ‘fess up to this and say that this post is just sheer Chutzpah indulgence pre Christmas. The wonderful innovative Christmas shoe tree window in Louboutin’s Mount Street store set my imagination alight.
Imagine the scene –  You actually have a wealthy enough man to indulge your whims on Christmas day and you’ve a Christmas list 4ft long. On this list there has GOT to be numerous Louboutins. Yes, you love wearing them, but that flash of red sole does things to man and boy. Win, win scenario.
On this list dear ‘Santa’ there are going to be cha cha heels aplenty – pink glitter, red suede boots and spiked heels for when things get ‘grrr’ and ‘spikey’, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 
Please also see ticked the sweetest sophist little clutch bags and loads of Louboutin techie covers for a social media girl’s techie indulgence.

We’re sorted. Now, that was a nice dream wasn’t it?

Visit the Christian Louboutin stores in Motcomb or Mount Street or, for virtual hedonism, go straight to

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