Uniqlo celebrate Heattech & Launch their Partnership with Vogue

by Katie on November 11, 2012

Thursday nights and late opening on Oxford street on the countdown to Christmas should really be avoided if at all possible. Especially when the Christmas lights are already up and people have started the trawl for present and party outfit buying. However, Uniqlo’s vast flagship store on Oxford Street differed. It shone bright (a little too bright with the amount of Stoli vodka cocktails being served) and had the sounds of thumping R&B and House blaring as hundreds of London’s cool people (stylists, design team assts, creative directors, hair stylists, journos, editors etc) descended on the store to celebrate the brand’s new partnership with Vogue, promoting their legendary Heattech separates – a must in the UK’s winter months.
The prosseco and sweet Stoli Gala ‘Passion Heat’ cocktails flowed (two maximum could be imbibed before the possible onset of diabetes) and a relaxed and comfortable vibe reigned over the two floors of bars and music. Until, a quick jaunt to the ladies’ on the 3rd floor meant the lift trip back to the party area was eventful to say the least. It broke down, my friends, and the ‘Uniqlo Lift Six’ were born. 
There’s something bitter-sweet when you have just been waxing lyrical about how good Pixie Geldof and her band, Violet, actually are, to only minutes later wishing they’d pipe it down a bit so the people on the outside could hear the lift alarm bell. All in all, it was a non-drama as the Uniqlo staff and PR team were exceptional and it only took half an hour for release. My friend and I weren’t too fussed as we had carried our drinks into the lift. Small lift parties within a party could be the new ‘thing’ if it’s just given time (and the right occupants).
But back to the event. Heattech dance mats were available for you to ‘do your thang’ (NB. we didn’t) and a huge Heattech photo booth for the now obligatory party photos.

Uniqlo clad guests arrived including Natt and Leah Weller (with her boyfriend Tomo Kurata), TV presenters Zara Martin and Laura Jackson, model Portia Freeman and musicians Alex Vargas and Jess Mills.

It was a fun night by a brand whose laid back accessible cool doesn’t try too hard.

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